Forced Out - Final Chapter

I was so focused on everything else, I almost forgot about his friend's **** in my mouth. Wanting to get out of there I began sucking it harder. I was soon rewarded with the warm feeling of his *** hitting the back of my throat. I pulled back which was a mistake as he began to shoot *** all over my face. It was at this time that I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Someone was watching above the stall. With a **** in my *** and *** running down my face, I turned and looked up to see my wife's boyfriend with camera phone. He had recorded the whole thing. He disappeared behind the stall as I quickly tried to get myself together.

I opened the stall door to go after him and saw three guys standing there. They must have been watching from the door crack. I tried to squeeze by them, but they grabbed me. "Not so fast sweet heart." I told them I had to go as they pushed me back into the stall. Their ***** were already out and hard as they started groping me. One of them pushed down on my shoulders. My legs we still shaky and I quickly went down on my knees. I could feel the *** dripping out of my ***. They began taking turns ******* my mouth. All I could think about was how my wife's boyfriend was showing her the video. One by one, each of the guy's came. The first one came in my mouth. The second, on my face. And the third came on top of my head. The smell of *** was everywhere and I could feel it starting to dry on my skin. As they opened the door, I saw two more guys waiting. This was going to go on all night!

I decided my only choice was to make a run for the door. Which meant heading back into the bar without cleaning up. I pushed my was past the guys who seem quit disappointed. I could feel the *** dripping down me. It was everywhere. I kept my eyes down, as I walked through the bar. I knew people were looking at me, but I didn't want to make eye contact. I finally reached my wife and her boyfriend. She just busted out laughing. "What took you so long? Oh, yeah, I guess this." She was showing the video of me in the stall to a group of guys. I begged her to take me home. "But I haven't finished my drink." I pleaded with her again. "Okay, but you have to do one more thing." She handed the camera phone to the two guys who had taken me the bathroom. "I want a picture of us to remember this monumental evening. Now that I know what a sissy you are, this will be the first of many." At that moment he snapped the picture capturing my dazed look as I realized what my life would be like from now on.

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ru glad yr wife n her bf made u go thru that?

So many options when your world is owned by her...

Well done great story.

Good boy, Your life has changed the way you needed it to

Great stories I'm new to this site and haven't wrote any stories yet but I will soon. P.S I would love to see ur pictures

I want that to happen to me , But I Want everybody in the bar to **** me and make me suck thier ***** and fill my *** with thier *** and swallow it all

What else has your wife done to you?

Great story. Very Hot!

Lucky you! what a wonderful first time!!

Your story did bring back some memories.

I read all your stories, very hot loved them and can see it is all good for what you want and would love to help!!!!

Well you certainly got what you deserved. Sometimes in life we resist things that others know are in our best interests. Embrace it forced sissy. And I think its great that you still find the female form attractive. Sounds like you may be a very good fit for the right couple.

i would love for that to happen to me, but i probably wouldn't have left the bathroom :-)

Great story!! I love being used for mens pleasure!! Adore **** ******* in my mouth and feeling a real man *** in my sissy ***!! I am such a *** **** and I LOVE IT!!!

wonderful story I love a mans **** in my sissy ***

Something close happened to me.

Yes, it's such a turn on to make a man ***. Especially the anticipation of what his *** will be like. Will it be thick or watery. Will it shoot out? How much will there be? What will it taste like? I just love it!