Caught And Turned Into A Maid...

My Sister and I are were playingdressing up as usual whilst my Mom was out at work and my younger Sister was at nursery and we were having great fun, knowing we were safe for at least another hour. It was dark outside as it was winter and we made sure that we had shut the curtains as we didn't want the people across the road see me dressed in one of Rose's dresses, white socks and shoes as we run about our house. We were just sitting playing some board game when the door to our lounge opened and in stepped my mum. I nearly had a heart attack as I registered the movement of the door before I registered that she was walking in and that realisation made me jump as no one should have been in the house apart from Rose and I. She stood there taking in the scene before her, dressed as always very smartly with her skirt suit, nylons and heels, a look I love women to wear even now. Of course I don't think that I actually thought about her clothes at that moment, all I could think of was that I had been caught by one of the worlds's most strictist parents dressed in my sister's clothes, I was mortified and ashamed.

She smiled after a while, a while that felt like an hour, but it was not the smile of a happy woman rather one of a cruel and vindictive person who has found a good excuse to punish someone. Then she told Rose to get her some tea and after she sat on the sofa asked me to stand in front of her - this position was the usual punishment position, three feet in front of her, head down awaiting my fate.

She asked me what was going on, I tried to say that Rose and I were playing and that it was nothing and I was sorry. She stared at me, observed me and then asked me to lift up my dress, I started to protest but she cut me short as only she could. I lifted the skirt, giving her a good view of my Sister's white panties that I was wearing. I was embaressed and looking back now she must have clocked the wet pre-*** sticky patch I had made in those knickers and knew the full extent of how perverted her son was.

My Sister walked in with my mum's tea and my mum told me to wait outside, "do not get changed" she warned me. I went outside whilst she grilled my Sister - this was her common practice, getting us apart to make sure that we couldn't collude with our stories I waited outside wishing that I could be dead, wishing that the earth would open up and swallow me, hoping that my ordeal would be over.

Rose came to the door and told me to come in and as I followed her I felt the atmosphere and how charged it was and knew that I was in big problems.

"You said that you just dressed up today" she said smoothly and gently, I nodded and saw from the corner of my eye that Rose stiffened and then I knew that I was caught out.
"funny that" my mum said "Rose tells me that you play this game alot" I looked at her staring eyes, I nodded "yes".
"why did you lie to me" she said, again in that pretend soft caring but underlined with steel voice. "I don't know" I whispered.

I wont bore you with the rest of this conversation, as it was the usual one that our mum had with us when she caught us at something. For an hour Rose and I stood in front of her, me still dressed in Rose's clothes, whilst she asked question after question and told us how bad and disgusting we were and how we would pay for it.

I hoped that that was the end but no. She left us in the room. We were not allowed to speak and we heard her banging about upstairs. She then called us to her. We went upstairs, reluctantly. "well you want to be a girl" she said, a slight sound of triumph in her tone "so here you go" and she pushed open my bedroom door "go in, go in" she said.

Rose and I entered my bedroom and saw that the wardrobe door was open and in place of my disappeared clothes were some of Rose's and my mother's clothes. "you want to dress like a girl you pervert you will dress all the time, until I say so you can stop!".

I was shocked, scared and ashamed.

"Now you two, make me dinner" she barked and we run down and back into the kitchin. I started to cook her dinner all the time dressed still in my Sister's clothes. The door bell rang, it was I knew by the time, the lady who brought my other Sister home. "Get the door Peter" my mum shouted "no" I wailed but as I heard her get up to come and see me I knew I had no choice and not wanting to risk more punishments I went to the door. I opened the door and there stood the teenage mum who ferried my Sisterback and forth. She smiled then clocked my outfit. "well hello there" she seemed lost for words "are you playing dressing up or something?" my little sister giggled as she took in my girly countance.

"No he is a pervert who likes to be in girly clothes, dont you?" it was my mother who had emerged behind me.
"really?" laughed the lady "how funny" and looked me up and down. "maybe he would like some of my old clothes to really play the girl?" she grinned.
"yes I think he would" my mother retorted and something inside me knew that I was now in a really bad place.
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Love the story I wore some of mummies clothes they felt so lovely Please write more

Wow! Very well written!! I am impressed. You had me feeling your fear. I must say, I would have been terrified. Hope to read more!

Thanks so much. Yes my mother was and still is a freightening woman! Made me the girl I am inside today :-)

Love your story and, like the others, can't wait to read more about this time of your feminine life. You have me wondering if my mom had ever actually caught me in her satin lingerie and silky dresses if she might've done the same to me as she had so wanted me to be a girl!<br />
<br />

I should think that you would like that LOL


Oh my, SusanMarina, MOST DEFINITELY!!!! A whole life wearing dreamy silky satiny feminine things would've been wonderful! IMHO! Berta

thanks for a ;ovely story x Riche


Humiliated by your Mother in your sisters clothing and another female, how wonderful!

It was..although maybe not at the time. You start to learn to love it don't you.

Oh yes, what is not to love?

lol what a great storyline to spring into, please share more I find these very entertaining, and really wished way back in my life I would have been so fortunate.

Thank you, i will do.

I don't know why you aren't more proud of yourself. You got what you really wanted, which is to be a gurl all the time.<br />
Your mum is a wonderful, knowing, woman. There are many of us who would do anything to have been in your place.<br />
I know there is more, so please please please tell us the rest of this story.<br />
Hugs and kisses..

Thanks - I will bring out more stories as time goes on.