The M(ist)ake Over Part 3

Naked and firmly strapped into wheel chairs, Kathy, Denise and Jean were wheeled along serveral corridors until they passed through a door marked 'preperation', and placed in the middle of the room.

The room was circular and very clinical looking with 6 examination tables around the walls, all facing in towards the centre. To Kathy they looked very much like doctors exam tables and at the moment had backs raised and a seating area. The rest of the room had lots of plastic/rubber piping, wires and machines all over the place so that it almost looked more like an operating theatre. There were a man and a woman dressed in white coates in the room. The man introduced himself as Dr Adams and the woman as nurse Green. He explained that it was company policy for all 'guests' at the spa to be medically examined to ensure their fitness to participate and then purged to begin a short detox program. Kathy was not sure what the Dr meant by purged, but it did not sound pleasant!

Kathy started to protest again, he had been set up by Jen his exwife and he wanted released now. Nurse Green picked up something of a table, walked over to where the helpless Kathy was, smiled at him, then reaching down, she gentley took his testicles in her hand and said open wide. Confused Kathy did so, until he saw that the nurse was bringing a large rubber object up to his mouth and promplty shut his mouth tight. Laughing the nurse just started to squeeze with one hand whilst offering up the gag with the other. As the pressure on his balls increased Kathy got the idea and opened his mouth. Nurse inserted the gag and strapped in tight, then to Kathy's surprise started to pump and little ball thing like on a blood pressure gauge and to Kathy's alarm, the gag in his mouth started to grow and grow until it seemed to fill his mouth and reach the back of his throat, making him gag. Thats a penis gag at about half inflation said nurse Green, get used to it as you will be getting a lot of **** over the next few days. Kathy just stared horiffied, he was definately not gay and did not want to be, if anything he would be a lesbian!

With Kathy gagged and Denise and Jen keeping their mouths firmly shut the Dr started again. Once we are satisfied that you are fit, we will look at breast enhancement, redistrubution of body fat to give you better more feminine shapes, and other cosmetic procedures as requested.

Sam and Jo, released Denise from her chair and led her over to a exam couch, which was in a 45 degree reclining position. She was asked to sit on it with her arms over her head and against the back. Having done so and had her position adjusted straps were tightened around her wrists and elbows then under her bust and around her waist. Stirups wre drawn out from under the couch, they had knee pads and foot rests and again her legs were placed in position and strapped down. The stirups were then drawn wide apart and somewhat up, then locked in place and the seat part of the couch was dropped away. Denise's whole crotch and anal area was left gaping open for the staff to do as they wished.

Kathy watched as Jean was similarly fastened in a couch two away from Denise and then it was his turn. Before uncllipping him the nurse came over with a long wand like object in her hand, she just smiled and touched Kathys side with the wand and instantly he felt a sharp pain in the side. The nurse smiled at him again and he nodded that he understood and allowed himself to be strapped to a couch rather than be shocked again.
It felt weird to have his legs in stirups, especially as they were stretched wider that he had ever had them before and when they dropped the seat he had the feeling that he would fall, but of course the straps held him firm, though the sensation continued.

Kathy watched as the other two were given a thourough examination, fingers went in every orifice, their breasts were squeezed prodded and poked, speculums were inserted in their vaginas and arses, which judging by the noises coming from the women, were stretched uncomfortably far. Finally they were both gagged with lagre inflatable penis gags. Then it was his turn, none of it particulaly fazed him until they inserted the speculum up his arse and opened it so wide he thought he would split and he screamed into his gag. Just checking to see how wide you can open at the moment, we will remeasure before you leave and see how much we have improved your manginas capacity.

The exam over they now started again, but this time Kathy was first. The Dr left and the nurse came over, holding a long plastic pipe with what looked like small bags about 2 and 3 inches from the rounded end of the pipe, the bags had small pipes leading out of them. She relubed his arse and none to gentley pushed the pipe up his arse, then inflated the bladders holding the pipe firmly in place. Nurse Green was a bit of a sadist and pumped the internal bladder quite hard so that Kathy felt like he needed to but was unable to have a ****. Squirming and trying to get comfortable Kathy watched in horror as the nurse brought a large bag of some fluid over, hung it form a hook in the ceiling and attached the pipe that had been inserted into the pipe leading from the bag. He guessed he was about to get his first ever enema and when the nurse turned the valve in the bags pipe to on, felt the rush of what the nurse said was a clensing agent start to fill his bowels! At first it just felt odd, but as the fluid continued into his colon, trapped wind started to be pushed back up his bowels and he soon started to feel uncomfortable. Kathy looked up at the bag and to his (okay he accepted the name, but still could not think of himself as a her) horror noticed that only about a quarter of the bag had gone down. Soon his stomach started to cramp and he desperetly needed to ****, the feeling was starting to get painful. He tried to attract nurse Greens attention, but she was setting an enema up for Denise, she just glanced at him, smiled and carried on hooking up Denise. Kathy looked at Jean and noticed the horrified look on her face as she watched him squirming and grimacing, knowing the same treatment was coming her way!

The level in Kathy's bag was now just about one quarter left and much to his relief it seemed to have stopped flowing. The cramping and urge to **** was now awful, every time he pushed he just saw the fluid level in the back go up and down a bit. Nurse Green stood in the middle looked at all three of them squirming and moaning, said it was her coffee break now and that she would see them soon. Bidding them to have fun she flicked a switch on a machine and left. As the switch flicked on, Kathy started to feel a vibration inside himself and realised that the enema pipe aslo served as a vibrator, the inner blader was pressing on his prostate. After a few minutes of this vibration and despite the cramping from the enema he realised that he was starting to get sexually excited and his **** hard. Looking across at the other women he could see that they were also becoming aggitated in a different way to the enema cramping and guessed that they also had vibrators up their butts. Just as he was about to *** the vibrator switched off and left him teetering on the edge of ******, but unable to achieve it without touching himself (immpossible due to the straps). He saw that Denise and Jean were having the same problem and the cramping quicly reasserted its self sending all three back to moaning in pain and sexual feelings forgotten. Click the vibrator switched back on, again at the verge of *******, it clicked off, it did this several times, though he lost count of how many.

Just as Kathy thought she could not stand the pain/pleasure any more nurse Green walked back in. She was wearing a big rubber apron and carrying a bucket and another device that he could not fathom out. She walked over to Jean and Kathy and Denise looked on in fright. She first clamped the hose from the emema bag and also as it came out of Jean, she then detached the hose and bag, so that Jean was left with just the nozzel in her anus. The nurse clicked a switch on the device that she had brought in and they could all her buzzing as the large vibrator surged into life. With a wicked smile she place the head of the vibrator in Jeans vagina and Kathy saw a small side part of it placed against the womans clitoris. In no time Jean was thrashing (or would be if not strapped down) helplessly around. Nurse Green asked her if she wanted to come, Jean nodded frantically and just as she was *******, the nurse quickly deflated the inner bladder and pulled the enema nozzle out. Jean screamed into her gag, **** and lquid gushed out of ther anus and into the bucket that Green had placed ready to catch it. The nurse relentlesly held the vibrator in place and watched as wave after wave of ****** racked Jean's body. Finally satisfied Green turned the vibrator off and left Jean with **** dripping from her arse and almost unconcious from the extended *******.

Turning to the other two, Green pulled a coin out of her pocket pointed at Kathy and said you are heads and she is tails. Heads it is, your next Kathy. As teh nurse prepared to remove the enema tube, Kathy wondered what would happen as he did not have a vagina, or clitorus. He soon found out as without warning the nurse touched the powerful vibrator to the enema nozzle. The feelings were so much more powerful than the previous machine vibration that Kathy found it hard to believe. His **** was soon at full hard and the tingling sensations within his groin were quickly growing to a peak, blocking out all other sensations, until Kathy thought he could not stand it. Suddenly his **** exploded, shooting out what seemed like gallons of ***, but still the nurse kept the enema nozzel in and the vibrator running hard. Kathy came a second time in several minutes, something he had never done in his life though there was little *****. Still the nurse kept the vibrator running full tilt, Kathy could barely stand it, but felt an enormous ****** building, until Green, pulled the enema tube out just as he came. The feeling of relief from the pressure and cramping in his bowels and the rush of the fluids past his prostate sent Kathy to another world, he had never had such a fantastic ****** and just lay hanging in the strap work, shattered.

Coming back to his senses slowly, Kathy note that Dr Adams was back in the room and nurse Green was just finishing off Denise, with a hugh gush of foul water hitting the nurses apron. Dr Adams was talking to him, Kathy suddenly realised. Nurse Green has done an excellent job of milking you, he said. Your testicles are now nice and small and limp, which will make the job of tucking them away much easier. Tucking away, what! Kathy hd all kinds of questions, but unlike the other two women, he was still firmly gagged and could only hurmph into the gag. Oh I can see you are a bit aggitated by this, thats why we have kept you gagged, said Adams. Simple procedure really, he said. I am going to carry out your own instructions to permentently hid your testicles and stop any male hormone production from them.

I will be doing it right now, under a local anasetic I will tell you what I am doing as I start the procedure that will make you look more like a female, just as you requested!.......................

Will Kathy finally have to use her and she??? wait for the next episode to find out!
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wow what a crescendo.

What an exquisite story!

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