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A Family Possessed 14

Mohammed pulled his trousers back on leaving her tied there over the table, her insides still throbbing from him, her nipples still fully erect and hard against the table top, her heart pounding, the perspiration making her body slick and shiny. He walked out of the door leaving it open, putting his shirt back on as he walked through the kitchen. He opened the back door and went out, joining his two men working on the window.
One was up the ladder, a swarthy heavily built man, his face pock marked and leathered. Carlos came from South America, he was an excellent carpenter and a hard worker, but his only failing was sex. Larsen had rescued him from certain jail and the threat of the death penalty for multiple rapes. He had made a deal with a judge that was in his pay and had smuggled him over to England. Carlos for his part knew that he owed Larsen his life and was willing to do anything for him, he also knew that Larsen would see him alright for his fun when the need became almost too much for him to bear.
At the bottom of the ladder was a slim youth, about eighteen or nineteen years old, he looked bored and uninterested, his gangly frame leaning against the ladder. This was Peder, but everyone called him Peter, he was a child of war and conflict having come from Serbia. He had learnt to hold a gun at the age of 8 and had no morals when it came to using one. Larsen employed him as a his strong armed man when it came to dealing with his illegal enterprises, the great advantage being that no one ever suspected the spotty faced youth to be violent or able, many had misjudged him and regretted it after. He was a strange character, quite perverse in his interests and intrigued by the power of drugs which he loved to use on his innocent victims.

Mohammed greeted them, Peder could see from his face that he was satisfied with the woman that he had told them all about and he couldn’t wait to see and taste what the big black man had got for them, he had listened intently about her and had his own ideas and plans for her. Carlos concentrated on his work just grunting in reply, he was a man of few words, but when he was with Peder, the boy made up for it.
“When we going to meet the woman?” Peder’s voice showed his excitement at the prospect of fun.
“Just as soon as Carlos is done with the window, I’ll get her to make you tea, and then it is up to you. I want you to stay here for a few weeks until the house is sorted at least.”
Carlos began to come down the ladder “All done with that window?” said Mohamed and Carlos nodded. “Tidy up your things, I’ll get her into the kitchen and call you.” Mohammed turned and went back into the house, he returned to the dining room where she was wriggling on the table, pulling at the straps holding her there. He rested his hand on her bare bottom, which made her still with a little mew of emotion, then he undid the ties that held her in place. Pulling her back onto her feet she almost collapsed in his big muscular arms, he held her there for a second then let her go, leaving her standing on her own feet. Swaying slightly, her face blushing prettily she adjusted her skirt so that it covered some of her bareness, then she tidied her blouse so that it covered her breasts even though they were completely visible through the translucent material.
“Come, I want you to make some tea for the men.”
Mohammed’s words made her almost freeze with fear. Men? Other men? Seeing her like this?
“I I cant, I I’ll have to get dressed” she began in a small voice.
He gripped her arm tightly “No, Amanda, you get them tea now, like that, like I told you.” and he pushed her towards the kitchen door. She tried to squeeze past him for a minute, like a child avoiding a parent, but he was too strong and she was in the kitchen before she knew it.
“Make tea for the men *****, before you make me angry.”
She turned seeing the futility of trying to get away, she felt too weak to struggle after the sex and in some insane way she was still battling with the continual arousal that she was feeling and unable to control. She went over to the kettle trying her best to cover herself up as she did so.
“Come and get your tea boys.” Mohammed shouted and immediately the door opened Peder came in first, he saw her immediately, her back to him, the miniscule skirt just covering her cute round bottom, her bare back clearly visible through the material of her blouse, she gave him an almost immediate erection and he could feel his excitement growing. Amanda turned with the two mugs of tea in her hands, trembling as she placed them on the table, her face burning in embarrassment as she did so.
“Amanda, this is Carlos and Peter, they are going to look after you for a while.” Mohammed introduced the two men. She saw Carlos, his face immediately showing his crude sexual response, but the name and the appearance of the boy hit her much much more. A boy, a white boy, about her son’s age and size, perhaps a little younger and his name was the same as her son’s, his gaze at her breasts made her blush even more, a feeling of shame and humiliation that couldn’t have been more if she had been standing dressed like this in front of her own son. Yet the wetness and the buzz in her clitoris seemed to grow even more.
She didn’t respond to their hello’s, she just stayed quiet, afraid to speak. They exchanged some talk between them as they drank their tea, Mohammed obviously making plans to go and to leave them, leave them with her!!
The tea was finished quickly, too quickly for her, “Take them up to your bedroom Amanda, be a good girl for them.” Mohammed spoke directly to her, shocking her by his words.
“n n noo, please, no o I cant.” She began in her stuttering voice.

Peder spoke up quickly before Mohammed could reply “come on, lets get her on some nice medicine, she needs to begin that, then she will become completely compliant for us.”
He was taking the syringe box out from his pocket as he spoke, Mohammed and Carlos looked at him and it and nodded, at the same time making there way either side of the table to Amanda. They had her arms before she could even think, holding her tightly as the boy filled the syringe. She saw it coming, she felt panicked, what was this, .. noo she couldn’t nooo noooo.
They held her tight as he wiped her skin then she felt a ***** and the liquid disappeared into her arm. They held her for a few minutes then let her go.
She began to feel hot, the men looked hot, her skin was tingling, her nipples throbbing, she wanted to rub them, she was rubbing them. The men were smiling now, their words seemed funny
“Come on Mummy, come to bed mummy.” It was Peter, he was smiling his hands around her waist. “Peter, oh Peter” she heard herself saying, he looked funny,
“Come to bed mummy, come to bed.” He was kissing her, it was so nice, she liked him kissing her, she felt herself kissing him back, then she was in the hallway she felt like she was almost floating up the stairs.

Hmmm welll do I carry on?

Love Riche x

Riche Riche 46-50, M 4 Responses Jun 26, 2012

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You simply must continue Riche!<br />
<br />
love Kathy

Fabulous story sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

thank you Riche,<br />
again very well written and desc<x>riptive, <br />
i do enjoy reading your story's, they always have me aroused,<br />

Poor peter, what will he do...

which Peter do you mean Alasandra, Peter the son or Peter the the Serbian fiend?
Riche x

peter her son, this story has had my attention for some time. I like your story telling you are a master. What Amanda is going thru is peanuts compared to him. But then that's the fun of it.

x kisssss, thank you lovely Alasandra