The M(ist)ake Over - Part 4

Our Hero(ine) Kathy is firmly strapped down in a would be operating theatre with a Dr, Dr Adams, telling him that he is about to do something with his testicles that will make him more feminine and whats more would be permanent. Kathy, was screaming into the gag, but the Dr just laughed, reminding Kathy that her instructions were to ignore any pleas not to procede, did she not remember those instructions?

No she definately did not, as he Leslie (now Kathy) had never given them and could not conceive of a situation where he would want that. Sure he liked to dress in womans clothes occasionally, but did not want to be one!

Dr Adams told Kathy that he would have some time to contemplate the changes that would be coming as before he or the other doctor who had walked in could do anything, the place and occupants would need to be cleaned and sterile. At that moment 3 guys dressed in rubber boots and long wrap around aprons came in with cleaning equipment and set to work cleaning up the room. The two women Denise and Jean who were not now gagged, were complaining that the three men could see all off their private bits and that they wanted covering up. Nurse Green just laughed and said, just wait and see what happens next! Shortly the men finished cleaning and put their gear to one side by the door, then took off their aprons. To the surprise of Kathy and the other two, all three guys were naked from the waist down, under the aprons and without exception all had hugh erections. They had a little discussion, obviously dividing the spoils, then one went to each strapped down person.

Kathy gasped in horror as the guy who came to him, picked up the tube of lube and watched by the nurse and Dr massaged a load into his arse. I'm not gay Kathy repeatedly screamed into his gag, The nurse laughed and said, I think I understand you, but its hard through the gag you know. Well you may not be gay, but you asked to be a slutty woman, and women get ****** by men! lay back and enjoy! The guys hard **** was now pressing at the entrance to his arse and Kathy struggled vainly to stop this RAPE, but he was too well restrained and the guys hugh **** slid deeply into his arse. The guy stood still for a minute or so allowing Kathy to get used to the feel, Kathy hoped it would all be over quickly, but her hopes were dashed when Green said that all three had been chosen for their staying power. The **** started to slowly move in and out of his arse and seemed to touch Kathy's prostrate at the end of every thrust. His prostrate was still sensative from the earlier enema and vibrator and was soon starting to give Kathy that warm feeling in the pit of his stomach. The guy had been thrusting for five minutes now and had poured on more lube, his **** sliding in and out easily, banging the postrate all the time. Despite hisself Kathy began to enjoy the sensation and without realising it, his hips were trying to thrust back and he did not notice when nurse Green loosened some straps around his waist and upper legs, so that he could return the thrusts. The thrusts became harder and harder and Kathy could see that the other women were being similarly ******* in the arse and looked like they were enjoying it. The view and thoughts sent him over the edge and he had his fourth ****** in an hour. Still the guy pumped away and Kathy was lost to the feelings of pleasure in his/her arse/***** (which was it) it was all becoming a bit blurry in her head and her body just reacted and orgasmed for the fifth time as the guy shoot his load inside her.

Gradually coming back to reality, Kathy realised that for the first time, whilst being ****** sensless by a man, he thought of himself as a she. Now looking around Kathy could see that the guys were gone and Denise and Jean were being smeared across thier chest area with a clinical smelling subsance as indeed he had been. Dr Adams was back beside him but now in scrubs and mask and told Kathy that while he did the procedure on her testicles the other Dr would do Denise and Jean's **** after which he would come and do Kathy's and she should not worry her pretty head about a thing.

Kathy tried one last time to argue, but just got a mmmph out which was greeted with a smile by Adams. Now I've already given you a sedative, just to keep you calm and still and the local should be ready by now too, can you feel this. As you did not jump through the roof when I stuck that neelde in your testicle, I would say the local has worked. Now the drug I am injecting is a antiandrogen that will affect the production of testosterone, thus bodily hair growth, fat distribution and will also cause you to loose your sex drive. However it will do what you want which is to increase your breast growth, change you to a more feminine shape and make it much simpler to hid your penis. It is a slow releasse drug that will last six months, then will need to be topped up with an intramuscular injection. Frankly I am surprised that you wished to retain your penis, most people in your situation, want it removed. However you get what you paid for, so what I am now doing is making a small hole in your scrtotum, I have pushed your testies up into your pelvic floor, which is where they came from after you were born. Next I am going to stich a small piece of a special matrix, which has been used to help veterans from the Afgan war heal up, over the hole. The flesh will grow over the matrix and make this a permanent (except for invasive surgery) arrangement. As per your request I have also snipped and tied off your tubes so you are now infertile as well. I have now closed the hole and a very neat job it looks too. you will still be able to pee standing up I guess, but once the antiandrogens kick in your penis will shrivel to a very small size and it will be much easier to sit and use the loo, which as a woman you would want to do anyway I guess.

Kathy heard all of this as if in a dream, which due to the sedative she was in a way. Had she really asked to be steralised? if she wanted to be a woman, why indeed did she want a penis? did she actually want to be a woman? what time is it?

Still in this dreamy state, she listened as Adams introduced Dr Noah, who had completed the implants into Denise and Jean. There was a sting in his arm and within a minute, Kathy was fully awake, thats better said Noah, you need to listen for a minute or two, the upper you have just been given will only last a short while, then you will go back to dreamy land. Now the implants I am giving to you and the other girls, are a total redesign of a type that were use in the seventies. They involve inserting a ballon into the chest cavity, attaching it to the pectoral muscles and basically inflating it with a silicone solution. Now the ones in the seventies were useless and leaked, but these new ones have been subjected to stringent testing, feel like the real thing and have passed for use in America as well as Europe and only top grade materials have been used unlike the French company Pip. The beauty of the system is it can be done by keyhole surgery under local anasetic, so you will be up on your feet by tomorrow and it is now the system of choice for breast implants. We will inflate them as much as possible now, and top them up to your full DD cup size over a couple of months. This will allow us to see how well your own breasts develope under the antiandrogen and female hormones that I will inject at the end of the procedure and adjust the implant as needed.

Kathy realised that restistance is futile and that she would be assimilated and let herself drift off. There was some tugging in the area of her chest. Noah droned on about attaching the injection valve under her nipple, so it would be easier to find later. How he had determined that due to her chest size she needed a DD cup and full rounded shape, but she did not take too much notice. Instead she was wondering if she really had agreed to all of this, after all she did like dressing up, but that was only a game wasnt it? Had his ex-wife Jen set her up in revenge for being in her (Jen's) clothes that day? Would it be fun being a woman for a while, perhaps he should go with the flow, women always seemed to have an easier life, didnt they? He could wear some nice pretty dresses, lingerie and make-up without fear as it would be normal for a woman to do so, but how would he know how to put on make-up?

Just then reality snapped back into focus and Kathy looked down at her chest to see what seemed like an enormous pair of **** sticking out. What had Noah said, currently between a B and C cup? they looked much bigger than that. She yawned and looked around and suddenly realised that she was no longer gagged, her legs were together and resting on the couch, her arms were by her side, but seemed to be only lightly restrained and there was just a strap across her waist with the buckle easily within her reach.

Ah your awake then Kathy, welcome back to the world of the aware said nurse Green. Its now nine at night, you have been here in the spa just over 9 hours now and have had a few slight adjustments made to your anatomy, how do you feel? Kathy struggled to talk, her mouth was dry and jaw stiff from being held open so long by the gag. Strange she said and very tired, just want to go to bed. Thats OK said Green, we've had you lightly strapped to the bed as you have recovered just to ensure you did not roll off the couch. Let me undo them, then sit up. Kathy did so and for the first time felt the weight of her new breasts and could not believe how heavy they were. Lift your arms up, said Green Kathy did without thinking, but only felt something soft and warm slip over her head. When she looked down Green was adjusting a pretty pink long lacy nighty over her new boobs, then she slipped some fluffy pink slippers on her feet. Green then assisted Kathy into a wheel chair and wheeled her off to a room, where Kathy saw that Denise and Jean were already asleep. Tucking Kathy into bed, Green slipped a leather collar around her throat, locked it in place and also to a length of chain. The collar and chain are for your safety, so that you dont get up in the night and wander off to somewhere you may get hurt. Kathy could not be bothered to argue and rolled into her normal front down sleeping position. It did not feel right, there was something in the way, she brought her hands up and felt big **** there, odd she thought, so she lay on her side and was instantly asleep!
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