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A Family Possessed 15

I hope you like this, please dont confuse Peder as Amanda's real son, then perhaps you might too.


Carlos carried her, in her drugged state, up to her bedroom, Peder following, then Carlos stood her there holding her as Peder stood in front of her.
“Lift your arms up mummy” he said, she felt weak, strange, almost drunkenly giggly, yet aroused too.
“Yes Peter.” She smiled at him, her son, he did look funny.
She lifted her arms in the air and he pulled her blouse up over her breasts, up over her head, pulling it off her. She gasped “no Peter.” As it cleared her breasts, then,
“Ohh Peter, you’re naughty, you musnt do that, you shouldnt see mummy like this” yet she giggled, even though she knew she should be very embarrassed with her son seeing her bare breast like this, she also felt like laughing for some stupid reason.

Peder slid his hand up over Amanda’s breast sliding his palm across her rubber hard nipple making her shiver. “noo, naughty boy, you musnt do that to mummy.” She was trying to be serious, he was being naughty now and he shouldn’t touch or even see his mummy like this.
Peder slid his hand down over her flat tummy to the top of her skirt, finding the button that held it closed
“ohhh yess mummy but I want to mummy.” He said softly
Amanda realised somewhere in her woolly head what he was doing, she tried her best to sound serious and cross with him “now stop that Peter, you musnt do that to mummy.”
“But I am mummy, I want to mummy.” Peder said as he undid the button. Carlos was holding her arms now and as she jerked to try and hold her skirt up, he stopped her letting it slip to her ankles revealing her shaved bare nakedness.
She was embarrassed now, she was blushing, but each time she opened her mouth to stop him she felt like giggling and couldn’t talk. She wriggled her knees back and fore as if to try in some foolish way to cover herself.
“OOO Mummmy, you haven’t any hair mummy” Peder’s fingers strayed down to Amanda’s *****, sslipping between her legs. “nooo Peter, noo you musnt do that to mummy” she half sighed half gasped.
Peder nodded to Carlos, who turned her round and sat her down on the bed. Letting her go he turned to Peder and smiled his coarse vulgar smile,
“I’ll call you when” said Peder quietly and the South American left the room, he knew he would have her the way he liked and he knew that Peder would make sure that he did after he’d softened her up. So he headed downstairs again to get all his orders from Mohammed.
Peder stood in front of Amanda and took his shirt off, he could see her watching him, feeling almost too tired to move. Then feeling a little like a striptease artist he undid his trousers and took them off. She could see his boxer shorts now, it made her wonder, she couldn’t remember that he wore them, she was sure she hadn’t bought him any, usually he wore small briefs, at least these didn’t look as girlish anyway.
Peder slid his fingers into his boxers and pulled them slowly down, his erection springing out as he did so, he had a long **** for such a thin gangly boy.
“Oh my god Peter what are you doing.” She looked startled even though she couldn’t really move or take her eyes off it. Peder made sure that it looked big and erect as he stood closer to her
“Mummy I love you” he said, his hands going to her bare shoulders, pushing her backwards onto the bed.
“Noo Peter you musnt” she burbled, but Peder was on to her, his **** hard and hot against her tummy.
“Noo Peter, noo, I’m your mummy, we musnt do this.”
Peder kissed her on the lips a soft full kiss to start
“I love you mummy.” He murmured his face against her, his body on top of her, his chest against her breasts her nipples touching him.
“You musnt Peter.” She whispered, “You musnt”
He kissed her again, longer this time
“Mummy I love you, don’t you love me?”
His kiss was so lovely, she hadn’t felt a kiss so loving before
“Don’t you love me mummy, don’t you?” he whispered softly again
“Yes Peter, of course I love you.” she whispered back to him
Peder kissed her harder now, a much more sexual kiss.
“noo Peter, ohh Peter you musnt.” She whispered again
“Mummy do you love me mummy? Do you really love me mummy? Tell me mummy.” His voice was warm and soft
“yess Peter.” Her voice was even quieter now
“Tell me mummy tell me.” Peder whispered urgently, kissing her soft kisses as he did so.
“I love you Peter.” Her voice was tiny and he responded by kissing her hard and strong, fully on her wet lips, opening them and pushing his long tongue into her mouth turning it into a classic French **** kiss.
She gasped, her body was on fire, she was battling to control herself, telling herself inside her head that this was wrong and she shouldn’t let it happen.
Suddenly her legs were apart and he was between them, his **** against her, how did that happen? She couldn’t remember doing it. He was still kissing her, he was rough, strong, it surprised her and he wasn’t giving her time to speak, to stop him, to say no.
His **** was rubbing against her ***** now, he was a master at doing this, he had learnt all about making women give in and want him against their will in the war in which he had grown up. He knew that she was convinced that he was her son and he knew the inner battle she was going through, terrified to break that terrible taboo carrying out ******. It was this that he was loving, it was this that was exciting him more than anything, as far as he was concerned she was just another woman, yes she was a sexy shapely thing, but he had taken many like her in his few short years. No the excitement was breaking her mind, making her think that she was going to have sex with her son, against her will, her son actually ******* her and taking her. Yes he was loving this.
Her ***** lips opened, wet with her arousal, her forced arousal, the head of his **** slipped between them, rubbing wet, hot and hard against her, moving up and down over her buzzing clitoris. She was gasping now,
"Nooo Peter No, you musnt, I'm your Mum, you musnt." but her body was betraying her as she squirmed and wriggled, his head making her dance to the exstacy of its touch. He moved himself to her opening and back, then again and again.
"I love you mummy." he said, "I love you mummy."
"yoou musnt, youu musnt Peter, love i i i'm your mummy, you musnt." her voice was quivering, full of pasion, full of arousal, the mixed emotion of sexual acceptance and stopping this sinful taboo, twisting her drug fueled mind.
Then he slipped into her, easily, his long hard **** entering her.
"nooooooo ohhhhhhhhhhh Peterrrrrr." her gasp changing to a loud moan
"yesss Mummy yesss, I want to **** you mummy and I am going to **** you mummy." his **** went deeper into her until he was against her, then he was kissing her neck and breasts, sucking at her nipples and sucking his lovebites at her exposed neck again, as he began his long deep thrusts. He was dragging her to a cliff, dragging her to the edge, she was begging him not to at first, but her begging soon became nothing but moans of sexual submission as he dragged her closer and closer to that cliff edge until she climaxed into an abyss of sex, unable to stop herself succombing to what in her mind was her own son.
Peder smiled as he watched her climax, he knew the trauma that she was living as she did and he wanted to add to it, to twist her more.
"I'm going to *** in you mummy." he watched her closely as he said it.
her eyes opened wide "nooo Peter, nooo, you musnt, you musnt, pleease you musnt *** in mummy its wrong its wrong."
"But I want to mummy, I want to, I'm going to mummy." he was strong and thrusting deeper and harder as he spoke, bringing her back closer to the climax which she had had and which he knew he would make her have again.
"Ohh Peter, ohh Peter, noo pleease nooo pleease oh Peter stop stop." she was struggling squirming yet, she was completely aroused, her mind battling with her body.
"I'm going to *** mummy, I'm going to fill you with my seed mummy, i'm going to *** in your tummy mummy." she could feel him stiffening, thrusting deeply and suddenly she could feel him, his *********** hot and strong inside her and it broke her making her submit to the feelings triggering her own unstoppable climax.

OOOO, gosh, should I go on?

Lots of love as always Riche x
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please continue with this story it is one of your best stories yet

thanks Kisss

we bow to you and hope for more.

Please Please

Of course, you need to go on with this story. I check every day for a new installment. Love every part so far!

i think you may have a riot on your hands if you don't go on, Riche,