The M(ist)ake Over - Part 5

Lesile felt himself gradually waking up, though it felt like he must have had a skinfull last night. Strange he didnt remember going down the pub, but he felt groggy and tired, he also seemed to remember a strange dream. Something about winnig a prize for a makeover, making the spa accept him for the prize even though he was a man and almost to real was the feeling that he had been changed somehow, raped and operated on. God if he didnt get laid soon, he would go mad, perhaps he should have a nice **** and go back to sleep for awhile.

So Lesile eyes still tight shut, slid his hand towards his **** and felt silky material down there, odd he thought, did I put on some panties whilst drunk last night? He could not find his ****, his mind was getting sharper now and when he moved his hand up to scratch his chest, it came fully awake as he felt a large breast. His eyes flew open and looked at the pretty pink nighty, covering some rather large breasts, where his rather flat chest should have been. IT WAS NOT A DREAM, his brain screamed and so did Kathy. Yes thats right I am called Kathy now aren't I, I am a she, not a he, a her and not a him. Gingerly Kathy pulled up the night dress and looked between her legs, yes the testicles were gone and her penis looked very small and withered. There was a voice beside him as Denise asked if she was alright. Kathy remembered being brought into the room now and put to bed, she remembered seeing Jean and Denise asleep in bed, but had not realised that it was the same bed. They were all in the one bed, chained to it and each other by collars and still wearing the wrist and ankle cuffs that had been fitted yestereday. I think I am said Kathy, but woke up thinking I had a dream. No its no dream said Jean from the other side of Denise, we now all have boobs, though yours are by far the largest, all got sore arses and in our two cases sore *******, as while they were inserting your boobs the cleaners came back and ****** us sensless again.

Nurse Green walked into the room, Ah good your all awake she said. Heavy program today, lots to do and get through so we need you to get up, dressed and breakfasted as soon as possible. First off and to remind you where you are and what you are doing, you are each to ensure that the others all have an ****** now. Here is a bag of toys, you two real girls will have to use a vibrator or strap on up Kathy's arse as that is where her man **** is and that is her only way now of having an ******. Rubbing her **** should feel just like someone rubbing your nipples, nice, but not (necessarily) orgasmic. So get to it girls, you have 15 minutes max, then I will start using my electric wand on you. The three women looked at each other stricken. Kathy upended the bag of toys, there were three strap-on, two were double ended and obviously intended for Denise and Jean and one single for Kathy, there was also lube, nipple clamps and smaller vibrators. 12 Minutes left said nurse Green. Jean leaned towards Denise and started to kiss her on the lips, whilst her hand strayed down to Denise's *****. Denise looked a bit stunned, but started to respond and groped Kathy's ****. Kathy just sat there until a quick sting of the wand hit her butt and then she tried to lay under Jean's ***** in order to lick it, however the chains were too short and none of them would be able to go to oral sex. So Kathy picked up one of the double enders, lubed it a bit and to Jean's surprise gradually inserted it up her *****, did the waist and leg straps up and then did the same for Denise, finally strapping the other strap on around her own waist. 8 minutes left said Green, better get a move on! God how do we do this said Denise, daisy chain said Kathy. We get in doggy position, you get into my arse, Jean gets into your arse and you both shag hard, once I have come I will move around and **** Jeans arse. Both women nodded and quickly lubed their arses, by the slurping noises their *****'s were alreadly well lubed Kathy lubed his own arse and they formed the chain as she suggested. ****** weere quickly inserted into appropriate holes and ******* commenced. Kathy had doubts that he would make it and tried to think of sexy things to help. To his surprise the first thing that came to him was being ****** by the cleaner whilst strapped to a table and as he visuallised the look on the mans face as he came up her arse, Kathy came with a convulsive shudder. Denise had already ***, so Kathy pulled out and quickly got behind Jean and started to pound, it did not take long due the the ******* she was getting from her own inserted strap on end and Jean heaved with her ******, just as Green said TIME. All three knelt there as Green, (who was playing with her own *****) opened the locks and freed the women. Without a word the three women grabed Green bent her over, ripped her knickers down and each in turn gave her a good *******. To their surprise Green just lay their with a cheshire cat grin, said that was great, but now quickly get dressed, no need for make up yet, but lets go eat.

In a set of drawers by the bed, Kathy found a new 40C cup bra and matching lacy knickers, sheer black hold ups, and a short dress. Used to putting on a bra as a man, Kathy thought that she would have no problems putting one on now, but to her surprise she struggled and was about to give up and do it up backwards first then swing it around to the front, when Green said, its different when you have real **** isn't it. I'am a 38EE she said, I do mine by putting my arms through the straps, leaning forward and then settle your boobs into the cups, then reach back and do up the hooks. Kathy tried this and found it much easier and comfortable straight away, without having to reach in a jiggle his **** around to get them comfy. She quickly finished dressing, having no trouble with the rest of the clothes. She looked around and found a pair of 2 1/2 inch court shoes under the bed in her size and put those on as well. Denise and Jean were of course long since dressed and waiting and though Kathy noted that the wrist cuffs had been clipped together in front of them. Green just looked at Kathy and she held her hands out and had them clipped in front of her as well. Why asked Denise do we have to wear the cuffs, we are all cooperating? Company policy, said Green, for your safety and wellbeing! Huh, grumped Jean, carefull said Green or you will be gagged for your safety and wellbeing as well!

Breakfast was a meager afair, consisting of fruit, smoothies and green tea. When the girls complained Green just said, you need to start developing feminine figures, that means less input. She led them from breakfast straight to the same room that Kathy thought of as the torture room, after her ordeals from yesterday. Okay said Green same drill as yesterday, clothes this time can go in the locker beside you, when ready up on the couches, you've seen how its done, so Kathy you can strap Jean up, whilst I do Denise and make sure you do a very good job or you will be sorry! Kathy made sure that she did a good job, not only because she did not want to be punished, but also to tell the truth the thought of strapping Jean down excited her. She started as per yesterday, hands over head palms out. Straps tightened over wrists, at the elbow and biceps, next came a strap above and below the boobs. Green came over and looked, tested the taughtness of the straps and nodded approvingly, get the tub of gel from over there and rub a good dollop into her breasts, it is antiseptic and should protect the wounds from yesterday from any infection. Kathy grabbed a handful of the gel and gentely started massarged it into Jeans boobs, she enjoyed handling the other womans **** and Jean obviously liked it as well, she became so engrossed that she did not notice Green behind her until she felt a powerful sting in the backside as Green touched her with the electric wand. Your not meant to be giving her an ******, just get her strapped down you ****. Kathy quickly continued with Jeans bondage, bringing out the stirups, Jean lifted her own legs into them and kathy strapped them at the thigh, above and below the knee and at the ankle. As the foot was in the stirup, that was also imovable. Now Kathy spread the stirups as wide as possilbe and under Greens direction, spread lube deep into Jeans arse and ****, giving both a good massage until Jean was gasping close to ******. Another sting! Kathy had got carried away again, this was fun! Now Green instructed her on how to insert the enema nozzle, ensure it was really clean first, then lube it, gentley push the rounded end in until the inflatable bladder had passed the anal sphincter, (she siaad you will feel it suddenly slip in as the resistance goes) then pump the hand bulb ten times to ensure a good seal and that it wont slip out (Green told Kathy that if it slipped out, then she would use it to gag Kathy!) and the same on the outer bulb. Now she hooked up the bag, it was filled with a light antiseptic solution and cleaning agent. it would iritate slightly, but the main purpose was to ensure that most bacteria were eliminated, so that the days education would be as safe as possible.

Green now led Kathy over to her own couch and quickly strapped her down in the same manner, Kathy also put her own legs in the stirups, but complined when they were pulled wide apart, for it hurt. Ah said Green, that is probably bruising from the testical hiding procedure, the pain killers must be starting to wear off. I'll get the enema going then get Dr Adams to give you more pain killers, I bet your boobs also hurt by now and Kathy said that they were starting too, Jean piped up that hers were killing her and Green said she would get Adams post haste and left the room.

Kathy closed her eyes and concentrated on trying to cope with the enema cramps, Jean had said that if you control your breathing and pant,like they say too in child birth contractions, you could reduce the pain. Kathy tried this and it seemed to work a bit but the enema tube itself seemed uncomfortable today. Green came back with Adams who proceded to examine Jean around the boob area to check how the wounds were healing, then injected her around her boobs with localised pain killers. He went to Denise next and did the same, then came to Kathy. Adams felt around her chest area for quite a while including pinching her nipples, which made Kathy squeal. Good said Adams, your **** look and feel great and you appear to have full sensation, but for now you still need post op pain killers and with that injected around the area, being carefull not to puncture the new inserts. Kathy complained to him that the enema tube was hurting, and not in a nice way. Green laughed and said, that is because they are different nozzels to day. The have a bladder along the length that sits in your anal sphincter, as well as the two holding bladders. This extra bladder is hooked up to a pressure gauge and auto pump and has been set to inflate to a certain pressure, hold it for a short time then drop down a bit. Next cycle it inflates slightly more, and so on, the aim is to gradually stretch your sphincter so that you can take **** and other objects more comfortably.

Green finished with Kathy and went over to Denise and as he did so, five guys in robes walked into the room, immediately disrobed and with out a word and already hard ***** headed towards the strapped down women.................
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Jul 1, 2012