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A Changing Life Chapter 14 A Reminder

this is a repeat, a slight rework and a small addition to the original chapter 14. I've done it so that I can carry on ang tell the rest of the story (the harsh bit) Dont worry, I wont forget the other stories I am writing for you, it was just that I was reminde that I hadnt continued and you know what a good sissy I am doing what I am told!

I tottered along ahead of him, wordless, feeling completely broken. On the landing he turned me towards the spare bedroom which was beside Linda and Donna’s, he opened the door pushing me inside, the double bed had been moved up against the wall adjoining their room and there on the bed covers lay a black lace film of material.
“Put it on my little ****.” He whispered in my ear, “Your Master wants you dressed sexy for him tonight.” And the door closed behind him.
I removed my stockings and heels wordlessly, almost in a dream, leaving myself naked except for that small evil flesh coloured triangle in my groin. I picked up the sheer material from the bed, slipping on this, the most revealing baby doll nightie I had ever seen, I stood there weakly for him, every curve of my body accentuated to his leering eyes.
He threw back the bed covers and indicated me in closest to the wall. Sliding in behind me he trapped me there, lying together his kisses all over me, his hands exploring, touching, tickling and pinching my most sensitive parts. Keeping me aroused and awake even though the weakness of exhaustion had entered my very soul, removing all ability for my brain to revolt against that what he was doing to me. Somewhere in the mush inside my head I heard women’s voices and the door to the next bedroom opening and closing. I knew it was the women with my wife, but it all seemed like a dream. He was sucking my nipples, pulling on them hard with his lips and my body was reacting dominating my mind.
He took me again then, his penis stiff as it entered me, making me gasp and his urgent rhythm as he gripped my thighs to him, plundering my rounded bottom, knowing that my drug confused brain would cause me to wriggle and moan as he made me *** to him and he filled me once more.
Finally the tiredness claimed me and I drifted off to sleep unable to think anymore, a weird restless sleep in the arms of this horrible Japanese man who was slowly possessing my mind with his evilness.
He awoke me, I don’t know how long I had dosed, I tried unsuccessfully to clear the cotton wool from my brain.
“Listen, listen, ****.” He hissed. I held my breath, keeping deadly quiet. Next door I could hear a voice, a commanding voice, Donna? No it was Sandra, but another sound too, it was the unmistakable sound of my wife, Linda, moaning and whimpering.
“Thats your precious wife being taken by Sandra, listen to her moaning, now you’ve lost her for good, Sandra will **** her senseless tonight, break her will, make her into a true lesbian ****, forever a sex slave for them to enjoy.
“nooo, nooo, they cant” I mumbled. He slid on top of me, his weight crushing me , forcing my legs apart as he lay between them. His kisses were rougher now, his hands pushing my knees upwards, I couldn’t believe that his **** was erect again as he forced me to accept him in this most feminine way. Kissing and sucking my breasts, my neck and my bruised lips as he thrust deeply into me once again.
I could hear my wife Linda coming noisily over and over, her moaning louder and louder, her squeals and whimpers shattering the silence of the night as she slid further and further into an oblivious ever increasing, never ending sexual abyss.
Tears stung my eyes as I felt my heart breaking inside,
“Look into my eyes ****.” He hissed his voice charged and violent. I peeped at him through my blur of tears. “ she is gone forever, you are a man’s plaything now.” He was thrusting harder triumphantly “You will only ever satisfy men you ****, you will crave a man’s **** deep inside you, filing you.” At each thrust he was speaking, painting a picture in my empty mind, my abused body becoming more and more aroused by his hard thrusting ****, my legs closing around his back, my ankles crossing gripping him tightly to me, I was panting, emotions ******** bare by him.
“You are my sex slave now ****, say it, SAY IT.” I was close to ******* but he slowed to his words. I wriggled and gasped a desperate craving for that release again “Yss, ysss.” I whimpered.
“I’m your sex slave “ I whimpered, begging him to take me over that edge. His sloe black eyes shone evilly as he smiled, thrusting the full length of his rock hard **** into me, the hot spurts of his ***** sending me to an emotional hell.
The next morning when I awoke, I had lost count of the number of times he had taken me, I was later to learn that he had taken several blue pills during the evening, the blue pills that I would come to hate so much.
I climbed stiffly over his sleeping fat form, my body aching from the nights abuse, the filmy nightie stiff and stained with his ***** making me feel like a common *****. I limped to the toilet and showered painfully, glad of the warm water, trying to wash his smell and sweat off me. I got out eventually and dried myself before standing in front of the mirror, I looked at myself, to all extents and purposes I saw a woman standing there, the hateful plastic triangle hardly visible unless you knew what to look for, concealing what little masculinity my body still possessed. I should have cried and sobbed in my hate and frustration, but I didn’t, instead I just looked at myself, my brain empty, hardly registering emotions anymore and I watched myself automatically rubbing body lotion into my own rounded hips, up over my own pert breasts. Just as I used to watch my wife’s smiling administrations to her body.
I went to my own room and dressed, the clothes making me feel strangely aroused again as I put on the panties, bra and stockings, all tickling and teasing my over sensitive skin. Even the hem of my uniform dress as it caressed my upper thighs, strangely giving me sensations, I hadn’t felt when wearing them before.

Downstairs I quietly went about my duties, an automaton, cleaning and tidying after the night before. Picking up discarded clothing and bringing them to the laundry room, until the house was straight again. My mind was on my work, my brain void of thought, only the feeling of the clothes that I wore on my tingling skin bringing fleeting smiles to my lips as I found myself wriggling at the gentle sexual buzz they were giving me.
Donna’s voice from upstairs pulled me together, making my heart pound, the coldness of fear awakening me. She was calling for tea and with trembling hands I took four cups from the cupboard and hurried to prepare it.

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