The M(ist)ake Over - Part 6

Kathy watched the 5 men enter the room and take off their robes, one strode straight over to where she was tightly strapped to an examination table, legs forced wide apart by stirups and a large enema gurgling in her arse. Well there is nothing you can do to me,she thought., Denise and Jean will get their *****'s reamed out, but not much he can do whilst the enema tube is up my arse. But the guy started fiddling with the table and what resembled small steps were pulled out from the sides. Before Kathy knew it, he had clilmbed up them and was now squating astride her chest, his large, no very large **** inches from her face. Kathy noted that he was carefull not to sit on her new breasts, however he was gradually easing his **** toward her mouth and she realsied that she was about to suck ****. Wait she screamed, please I am not gay, I've never wanted to suck a mans **** and dont want to now. Green, came over, kissed the guys **** and then took it in her mouth whilst staring at Kathy. The **** slid in and out of her mouth for a minute, then she moved away saying that she would like to finish the guy off, but that was Kathy's job. Remember she said, you are not a man any more, you wanted to be a slutty woman, and all slutty woman love sucking ****, its got nothing to do with you being gay or not you are having hetrosexual sex with this man, he is just about to face **** you who are a woman, not a man!

As Green moved away Kathy felt the **** on her lips and she firmly closed them. The guy just grinned and said so you want to play, thats great I like it a bit rough and reached over and pinched Kathy's nose until she had to breath and the **** slid in. Next time you dont open for me I will stuff tampons up your nostrils and leave them there until I am finished, Oh and dont dare bite! The **** was just inside her mouth and the owner said, just lick it for now, run your tounge around the head of it. Trapped and at the guys mercy, Kathy decided to do as she was told, how bad could it be, loads of women did it every day. It was slightly salty and a bit rubbery and having decided to get on with it, she thought about when she used to be a man, and what she had liked women to do to him. Kathy formed her lips into an 'O' and gently sucked while running the tip of her tounge over the ****, thats better said the guy, just go with your head (he laughed) Kathy did . She wanted to get it over so that she could think about what she was being forced to do, and her jaws were starting to ache already and it had only been a few minutes. She started to suck harder and moved her head the little that she was allowed by the straps. The guy responded by starting to **** her face, his **** going deeper at every stroke. Kathy started to panic and gag as the **** got deeper towards her throat. The guy aware of this pulled out and allowed her to breath, but as she started to talk, he pushed back in and again pushed deep into her mouth towards her throat. Every 30 seconds or so he would pull out and allow her to breath which she chokingly did only to have the **** rammed in again. Kathy was begining to get light headed from the lack of oxygen, when the vibrator attached to the enema tube started. It seemed that her postrate **** was still highly sensative and in no time she was becoming sexually aroused. She could feel her whole body start to tremble and without thinking about it, really started to work on the guys **** with her mouth, even though when he pulled out she retched struggling for air. The guys **** started to pulse and what seemed like gallons of ***** shoot down her throat. With his **** still in her mouth she had no option but to swallow, as he pulled out he wiped excess *** over her face. Kathy wanted to wipe his ***** off of her face as he climbed off of her, but was still tightly strapped down, so just had the horrid sensation of the ***** turning more liquidy and running down her face. She was still trying to catch her breath and clear her throat, when another guy climbed up and sat on her chest and without a word just banged his **** straight into her mouth and without any other chance Kathy started the process all over again. After a minute of so, Kathy felt the enema being released and she orgasmed, though she was sad that the pleasure was gone and she was just left to suck **** with no pleasure for herself. However at that moment she felt a **** ram up her arse and start to bang her hard. The tip of the **** was banging her clitty and she found it hard to concentrate on blowing the **** in her mouth. Somewhen whe ***** in her mouth and arse exploded and she seemed to aswell.

When she to her full senses she felt sad that the ***** were gone, she may not be gay, but she was a woman, not a man and therefore allowed to enjoy being ****** by a man wasn't she? and truth be told she had enjoyed it, well sort of, no she definately had, the internal ******* were great. Kathy looked over and watched Green release Denise and Jean from the tables, then cuff their hands behind their backs. They still had ***** running down their faces and legs and were both looking slightly dazed as she supposed she was, withut a word to Kathy Green led them out of the door.

Kathy lay there (what else could she do) and waited. Shortly a pretty, big busted young girl walked into the room, she looks about sixteen thought Kathy. Hi she said I'm Nadine, I'm your beauty therapist and hair stylist, its my job to get rid of all that nasty hair on your body, make your face pretty and teach you how to keep it pretty do your hair and make up, oh and by the looks of your hair, we will need to fit extentions so that we can get a good feminine hair style. Lastly I will fit some permanent nails on your hands and show yu how to apply polish and look after them. Kathy squirmed in her bonds as she realised that she was about to be taken down the next feminisation path!

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Wonderful as always kathy x