All In Red

I was dressed in my favorite lingerie and it is all red. From the bra with the gel filled cups to the lacy garter belt, every piece is ultra feminine. My outfit of bra, panties, garter belt and hose, and full slip was accessorized with a strand of red beads, dangly red ear rings, bright red lip stick and all set off by the four inch red stilleto pumps.

Looking in the mirror, a narcissitc habit when I am cross dressed, I felt that for a guy in woman's clothing I looked hot. Just then my self observation was interrupted as my wife, Beth, stepped up behind me. Her hands went on my hips as she looked over my shoulder. "When you dress in this set I can't keep my hands off of you." With those words she sent her hands from my hips around to slide down my front, finding and cupping my organ in my panties. A groan escaped my lips. She so had my number and her hands flowed up and down, sogtly caressing my sex through the duel layers of slip and panties.

Then she stopped and pressed her body against my back. I felt her nice breasts against me and then her tummy against my butt - my being a bit taller due to the heel I wore. Placing her lips next to my ear she said, "I am going to bind you for a while."

Minutes later I lay in our bed having been quickly and efficiently bound. I was on my side. My ankles had been bound with nylon belts that went under the arch of my high heels, crossed over the instep and then went around the ankle. Fastened tightly they meant my heels would not come off and the D ring on each belt allowed a quick binding, accomplished by a carabiner attached toeach belt and these joined to a 2 inch metal ring. Each wrist had a smaller nylon belt fastened and double eneded snap clmaps dangled from each. Rolling me on my side she bent my legs at the knee and drew them up. At her instruction I put my left arm between my legs and she attached that wrist to the metal ring between my ankles. This effectively pinned me with my legs drawn up so my feet were close to my ***. My right arm was attached over my hip.

Since I was on my left side the effect of being doubled over and my arms fastened as they were was that my arms pressed against the swell of my Gel filled bra cups. Further my wrist was between my legs and pressed against my penis. Any move I made moved my arm against my organ and compressed my bra cups.

It was agony and ecstasy, so stimulating and yet so restrained that I could do enough so that the stimulation produced satisfaction. Realizing she had done all this just to produce this reaction brought a full errection. I was hard because I knew this was going to go one and on, that I would endure this agony of limitation and yet near constant stimulation in this bound position or another. Then a long last - and it could be an hour or all day -- she would "allow" me to ***.

And I, being the submissive she had carefully cultivated me to become, would make a fool of debassing myself in appreciation.
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Ah what a Womn you are with, you sweetie are one very lucky sissygurl!