Woken As A Girl

I first stirred, in a drunken state thinking it was a dream. As I lay on the sofa I felt naked, I felt for my penis, I was naked! Then maybe moments maybe hours later I stirred again. 'time for school' I heard a voice say, laughing. I tried to get up, but still drunk I staggered. It was then I noticed the little pleated school girls skirt that floated round my thighs. It tickled me as it brushed over what can only be described as tight black legs. Tight black legs that were mine! Was I wearing tights? I pulled at the skirt, lifting it mistified. I was wearing tights, stockings in fact, lace rimmed shear stockings held up with a suspenders belt. I staggered again, now in shock and i lifted my skirt higher to reveal more of the suspender belt and my panties. MY PANTIES! Yes, a pair of black lace panties that dived downwards between my legs. I now felt their tighness as they pulled up the back of my bottom. I was weating a black lace thong! What was going on? I tried to get back my senses , but only felt more confused as i noticed my view looking down was blocked my two huge white mounds, i had breasts! I almost was sick as I tried to comprehend further what was going on. Now all I could hear was laughter, uncontrolled laughter from at least one, maybe two women. It was in a state of shock that I finally landed back onto the sofa and I then must have drifted back off to sleep again.

I awoke again, now in pitch black light. I had almost forgotten the state of dress I had awoken to before. But as I stirred the vague memory of those breasts came back to me. I moved my hands over my chest. But I knew the answers before I felt them really. Yes the breasts were still there. Big round mounds, encased in a tight bra and white cotton blouse. I lay and felt them more, they were detached, removed from my body, they were fake! Thank god for that. I was now totally awake. I knew what had happened. My girl friend had threatened to feminize me many times, if and when I came home so drunk as to pass out. I now moved my hand down the starched cotton fabric of my white blouse, over my exposed midriff and down between my legs. The pleated school skirt was still there, but raised exposing my black lace thong and the hugest erection I had ever had! My raw mound tented toward to ceiling, hard and ready to burst! My panties were soaked as well, evidence of previous excitement, I had come, either during sex or in my sleep. It was then I noticed my stockings were slightly pulled down and the suspender straps pulled to the side. My eyes then adjusted to the light and I noticed my blouse had parted, exposing the lace bra underneth and my bra straps were pulled down over my shoulders. As my eyes continued to make out more and my mind woke up I realised someone was in the room with me.

'my little girl is awake now! We had so much fun with you, I did not realise you were such a little ****'

I shot bolt upright, I was now fully awake, worried, scared and ashamed....what had I done or been done to!
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To wonder what happen and what is in store for him and blackmailed into thoughts that are crossing my mind now. A good start and I love your stories

oh god yes please tell more please