Sarah Works As A Gardner

To earn a little extra money in collage I did odd jobs around the area. One hot day I went to do some gardening for a lady I had been referred to. When she opened the door I was immediately horny. She was wearing short shorts and a t-shirt. She was very nice and showed me what she needed doing in the garden. I took my shirt off and got down to it.

After a while she came out and sat on the patio. She had changed into a blue string tie bikini. She was so hot I immediately sprang an erection. As I worked I kept was trying to catch glances of her. When I was finished I was able to get closer and say “That’s it”. She thanked me and offered me a beer to cool down and relax. I was glad my jeans were hiding my erection. Sitting near her almost naked body was making me very excited. I was sitting there looking at her ***** and wondering if she shaved her ***** when suddenly she said something to me and I realized that she knew I’d been staring at her crotch.

She said I could take my jeans off since it was so hot. She said my underwear was fine for the back garden. Now I really wanted to get into her panties but if I took my jeans off she would see that I was very erect but what was even worse she would see that I was wearing sissy girly panties. I stammered about not wanting to be out side in my underwear and she said ok then, you can borrow something of mine, come to the bedroom with me.

She led me into the bedroom and told me to take my jeans off now that we were in doors. I hesitated but oh well so what. I undid my jeans and she smiled when she saw my frilly lace panties. So you like being a girl, ok then put this on and come back out side. She handed me a white string bikini just like hers. I handed back the top but she said no, if you want to be a girl you must dress like one. You mustn’t go topless out doors, what would the neighbors think.

I took off my panties and stepped into the bikini bottom. I love the feel of the soft material against my erection. I tightened the string ties. Then I tied the bikini top around my chest, pulled it round and tied it behind my neck. Then I went back outside. I was embarrassed that she could see how hard I was inside the little white bikini bottom. I barely managed to keep my **** covered.

I went and sat beside her. She was clearly looking at my bulging ****. Then she said that her husband would be home soon. I jumped and started to go and get changed but she told me to stay put. She had told him that she had found a new “girl Friday” and if he was happy with me they would have lots more work for me in the future. I nearly came from excitement and anticipation.
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5 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I came just from reading it.

You sure tell erotic stories! Stiff as a board!

did you work in a bikini and did you get tanlines

Your story made me hard!

I'm glad, I loved this summer, several more stories to tell.

did the husband ever do you?

Oh yes there are several more experiences from working for that couple. A lot happened in one summer.