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I have to admit that once I was exposed to the idea of males enduring Forced Feminization, my interest in genetic girls almost completely disappeared! I am a married male but I have not had sex, nor wanted sex with my sexy wife since I 'discovered' how erotic femme males transformed into females can be.
There is just something amazing about a boy who wants to look, feel, and especially ACT like a girl for her man.
My marriage became very strained when I admitted to my cute wife that I was bisexual, she neither understood nor approved of my high libido and sexual interests. As sex between use ended, I became infatuated with the idea of having a femme male become my gurlfriend. A male who could do all of the 'girl things' for me in bed and who could still bring a second **** to the party for me, wow! How hot is that?
I found that the more passable a boi was as a gurl, the hotter I became. Somehow knowing that this beautiful, femmine creature was hiding a cute **** for me to play with along with all 'her' feminine attributes, just makes her the most exotic and erotic sexual partner I can imagine.
Magazines like Transformation and Forced Womanhood are my absolute favorites and I no longer ever view str8 **** as real females cannot get me hard anymore. I am now exclusively turned on by shemales, sissy bois, femme crossdressers, and panty bois. I want to take a male and make him my 24/7 gurlfriend and lover. I will be so proud to be out with my gurl making all the other boys jealous that I get to **** such a sexy, femme boi all night long, ha ha.
I find that there are a lot of sissys here, but I see far fewer of the males like me that want to top you beautiful gurls and give you the **** and *** that you need daily.
Lastly, I hope you all continue to be the girls of your dreams and fall further into the wonderful femme world of sissy males... we need more gurls like you all around us, you are just so damn sexy!
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I luv going "online" to the Literotica and Nifty websites, and reading all of the TG/Gurls stories !!!

Omg I want you so bad!

Thank you! Even though I wrote this true experience a while back, it is still how I act and feel :)

I would be your bottom loving sissy forever

Really hot story
Got me hard & extremely horny
Thanks for sharing

The world needs more men like you !

You can have my gurlie ***** & **** anytime hun. xox

A girl like me could fall for a man like you ;)

Lol, I'm counting on it :)

I hope you find the perfect girl for you soon :D

Glad there are men like you

Just read this, great story! Wish I had met a man like you when I was in my 20's and still impressionable... I wanted so desperately to give a guy like you what you wanted.

I think there is nothing hotter that a guy can do than to give up every bit of manhood he has to become a girl for another guy... That's pretty much the greatest submission there is...

I agree with you, W.S. There is nothing hooter than a male who becomes a gurl for his gay top!
Silly genetic girls just can not compete :)

Being the gurlie one, for me, has always been absolutely the most exciting aspect of my sexual experiences. Once I accepted that this was the role me, I've never looked back.

Having a young husband lose his manhood. To become a fem boy is so sexy

I wood love to have a real bf who only sees me in panties,skirts,femme attire.. and thinks of me as his woman. IF the relationship became quite serious,I wood marry another man. I long to wear a white wedding dress and all the lovely white bridal lingerie..Gets me all hard just thinking of being a Bride.

I love your post honey. I also love being a sissy and I hope I can find a good man some day that will give me everything I need.

I agree, to watch a guy lose his manhood is highly sexy

Very nice this is second time reading a lot of us sissies adore a guy like you.

Thanks josy...obviously, crossdressers like you turn me on more than anybody else. Soon I will have a sissy boyfriend and I will really enjoy being her gay top :)

She is a very lucky girl

Very nice thank you

I could be your ****!


I love being a gurl or just on my knees and some time I love being on top.

With my 8 inchs

being a feminine girly boi for our men is a role that a good sissy likes to be in. I enjoy cuddeling with my man, sucking his **** as we lay on the couch while he caresses my pantie covered bottom. sometimes I think I have a ***** in my bottom since it feels so good when he makes love to me and going out to bars with him. Me dressed in a feminine top and girly shorts covering my bra and panties and all the people in the bar knowing I'm a sissy and with my man. that is fulfiling for me. standing at the bar getting our drinks and some guy pats my bottom and says how cute I am. I just love it have described the perfect boy-gurl relationship. To be out with him while you are dressed as a sissy, everyone knowing you are a m-m couple, and knowing you like to be a gurl and have gay sex is just soooo hot!

being femme when with him is a perfect role for me. can be embarassing at times as well but it is who I am and lucky enough to have a man that appreciates me for being me and not ashamed to be seen with me and sometimes I think he likes the humilation I sometimes feel because of his being such a strong male and happy with himselt. He just pulls me up on his lap and hugs me while I'm feeling his hard **** against my bottom and he pulls me down on it and I just melt into him

My experiences as a sissy twink proved there are many like you. I looked at those men as patient, exciting & pleasing...and still remember them fondly.

We less than masculine men are always looking for a man who wants us

That's good, because there are plenty of us out there.
I cannot picture my **** EVER in a ***** again ...femme males who want to be the gurl in bed are so much sexier!

most of us are also easier

See? ANOTHER reason sissy bois are better than gen girls! lol.

Easy has its attactions

Excellent points!

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What a wonderful story. I have had the same thoughts. Thank you for expressing it so well.

that is so hot! just the kind of guy that i like to be with. there is something fantastic about the psychological part of dressing. it is a complete giving over and becoming something else for a dominant man for me.

I'm a sissy and we sissies need real men!!!! I also like Tgirls and have been with more than a handful. I now am delving deeper into sissyhood. I would love to have you top me!! I am very feminine and love to suck ****. Would love to suck yours before you **** me!!!

I wish I were passable

I can honestly say that this is very interesting for a naughty girl like me tI read. U maybe need to teach a boy who to live as your girl friend sucking and making you come.

I know how you feel. More and more I am fantasizing about shemales and trannies while having sex with my wife.

Yea, I went through that and it spelled trouble for my cute, sexy wife as I soon drifted away from wanting ***** and more toward wanting shemales and femme males only...once married males learn they want gay sex, it is hard to ever go back (but it is soooo much more fun and satisfying!)

we work harder for it...

You are so right and it is so natural to us...

I am not sure that will happen to me....I still love *****. And I really love my wife, she is truly my best friend.

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You sound like the perfect man for any women like us. I'd love to be a man's full time lover.

This story has brought on my alter-ego and I now feel a strong desire to dress feminine and make full use of my gurly toys.

Good! Practice giving up being male and enjoy your transition to a femme gurl. I bet you could be super-sexy for a hot gay top.

Love to see how I would be handled in panties.

Have never admitted to wanting to suck a ****, but am currently laying in my sister's thong and bra and after reading this story i couldnt think of anything hotter.....