Sarah Visited A Dominatrix

One Friday I was feeling really horny and Sarah hadn’t been out for days. So I Googled “make me crossdress dominatrix” and found a place fairly close. I called and made an appointment for that afternoon. $200 for and an hour of dress-up but no sex. I love the excitement and anticipation driving to appointments like this. I wondered if my choice in panties had been a good idea but it was too late to change now. Within an hour I would be walking around dressed as a girl, in front of a total stranger and being made to do naughty girly things. The thrill waiting for it is half the fun for me.

I knocked on the door with a beating heart. First we quickly outlined the rules and then she told me to undress. When I came to take my jeans off I suddenly got embarrassed. I was wearing yellow ruffled sissy panties. I started to take them off but she said they were perfect for a naughty school girl. Then she found me a pinafore dress to put on.

I had to sit beside her and explain why I had been sent to the head mistress for punishment. What naughty girl activities had I been doing? I explained that it was the big boys fault. They made me touch the fronts of their pants, undo the zipper, slid my hand inside and touch their *****.

My head mistress said you naughty girl for doing such things. You need to be punished. She made me lie across her lap, lifted up my skirt and pulled down my ruffled panties. Then I had ten slaps with a ruler on my bare bottom. I went red, my butt was being snacked and my ruffled sissy panties were around my knees.

She let me pull my panties back up but I had to stay across her lap. Then she asked if that was all, I had to admit that sometimes I touch their balls and suck on their ***** until they squirt this hot wonderful stuff into my mouth. For this I got ten more slaps. My butt was stinging by now and my face was red. I loved every moment of it.

She had to leave the room for a moment and told me to stand in the corner. Well what did I have to loose, I was here for being a naughty school girl and so I stood there playing with my **** in my panties. When she came back in she saw what I was doing and called me a naughty ****. I had to get 5 more slaps but then she said I could lie on my back but I must show her what I’d been doing. I had to lie there. My skirt pulled up and my panties around my knees. I had to ********** while she watched me. When I came all over my stomach she got a hot towel to clean me up.

Worth every penny.
SarahCD707 SarahCD707
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3 Responses Sep 13, 2012

What an erotic story! What an amazing day! Spanking and *******! Priceless!

The only thing that's not quite correct is the pinafor, it was more like a dress, short sleves

Even better! A dress, red hot spanked butt,***! Yummy!

It was, wearing my sissy frilly panties too, I remember driving there thinking about showing them off in less than an hour

I would have *** on the drive over!

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It would have been my pleasure watching you....but i know you would have noticed the huge buldge in my jeans while your turning me on......watching you

i would love to have been in that room watching you....seeing you in your pretty panties ...and sissy pinafore dress

That would have made it even better. Being watched too. Yes please.