My Sister Turned Me Into A Girl

i have always been very dependant on my sister always running to her with hard luck stories and she would fix them for sister is 21
i was in a bad relationship made bad by me and my moods
my sister found out how badly i have been with my girlfriend and the next time i called upon her she really let me know of her displeasure. i started to tell her how i would change etc...and she said oh yes you are going to change. then she said i will not ever help you again if you dont agree to do exactly what i tell you being without a job and really needing her help i agreed not knowing what was in store
she said come with me and climbed into her car, i climbed in and off we were to the mall. once at the mall i followed my sister into a womens specialty shop.
she took me to the intimate apparel aisle and as i followed her she went to the bra racks she took one down and to my stunned surprise held it up to my chest she did this with several bras until a sales clerk a very young lady approached she said yes im trying to buy him a couple of bras and i dont know his size i turned beet red in embarrassment and tried to stammer a response my sister shushed me and the sales clerk took my elbow and led me into the back room she had me take off my shirt and using a tape measured me for a bra she left and returned with several lacy size 38B bras and made me slip my arms thru the straps snapping it in back she adjusted the straps to fit me my sister was explaining how i liked treating women and this didnt help will you be needing panties the sales clerk asked and came back with half a dozen very frilly lacy ones and what i now know to be rumba panties after i was dressed we went to the skirt aisle the skirts my sister liked she draped on her arm and it was back to the dressing room. we bought short skating skirts with wide band waists thigh high nylons with lots of lace at the tops garter belts with the same lacy trappings and camis with v necks almost transparent shoes were heels and i was made to carry all these to the front of the store where the same sales clerk held up each item and said repeatedly you are going to look so cute in this the ladies behind at first raised eyebrows but soon were laughing softly at me when my sister explained why.
we headed home where my sister bathed me and using creams removed all my body hair and used oils to rub in until my skin was smooth. i was led back to her room very naked and she started unpacking she took out pink lacy thigh highs a pink two layered lacy garted belt pink rumba panties with rows of white lace on the bottom a pink underwired lace everywhere bra a pink short skater skirt very flairing with wide waist band and a wide white strips that tied into a bow in back then a middie cami pink with wide shoulder straps and bows on the front straps and at the front
i was made to put on each article of clothing one at a time with my sister taking pictures. until i stood in front of her trying to stand in my heels she adjusted everything tied my shash straps in back of my skirt in a big bow pulled my skirt up until the tops of my thigh highs were exposed as were the garter straps and my rumba panties peeked out the back.
she then said i need to go and call my girlfriend to come over i was crying in shame but she said call her i did saying my sister wanted to see her. when she arrived i was made to answer the door you can imagine her surprise when she seen me shaking her head and laughing hard she followed my sister into the living room as did i, every movement my panties peeked out. my sister turned to me and told me to make them somw tea. i did and served them then my sister said that until my girlfriend vwas completely satisfied i was sorry and would not repeat my behavior bi was to remain in skirts.
my girlfriend took me home fully dressed making me carry all my new clothes in our apartment she has relished this and i have recieved many paddlings skirt up bent over the couch end it has been months and we went shopping for more clothes so it isnt looking like i will be allowed to be my old self for awhile

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2 Responses Nov 14, 2012

Lucky you,love to see some pics of you like that

Lucky you, why would you want to change back ? Is your GF dealing with the dressing ok ?