A Simple Dream

Year ago I had this dream that changed everything for me, I thought you might enjoy....

My wife (at the time) and I went to a therapist who dealt specifically with husbands who are distant and emotionally unavailable. I could never tell her my desires of being female, wearing makeup, soft silky fabrics and dresses. It would destroy everything and our relationship. She married me as a man and a man is what she wanted. Our sex life (what there was of it) slowly declined within the first year of being married.

She was sexually frustrated, wanted a man to take her; own her and let her know she is his. I wasn't that. I was passive, aloof (because I could never let my horrible secret be known) and not romantic or forceful. She soon learned that I preferred to be submissive in the bedroom. Pleasing her, which she liked but when it came to *******, she was frustrated that I wasn't able to do it well. As time went on and I was discovering things from my past that started to make me question who I was and wanted to be, it only made things worse.

So to the therapist we went. Their offices were outside of town, the main office surrounded by about five bungalows. There were people about, couples who were trying to solve their marriage problems like we were. Overall the place with very clean, serene and peaceful. Our therapist was a woman in her mid 40's named Hanna and was pleasant enough. Before our session, she had givin each of us a questionnaire to fill out prior. I was as honest as I could be when filling it out. I didn't want to lie per say, only to hide and protect my secret.

We enter her office and she makes the rules very clear. Be honest; feel safe; don't put your partner down; etc. She was pretty forceful once she got going. Correcting me when I interrupted with a forceful tone and stern look. She collected our forms and reviewed them and then asked my wife to leave the room for about 30 minutes. She said it was standard to review the surveys with each patient before we can move forward with the session.

As my wife cheerfully left to go walk the grounds, Dr. Hanna turns her attention to me. "There are some interesting answers on your form I wanted to discuss with you alone." she said.

"Oh?" I replied. Inside my head, a flurry of thoughts occur. She knows! How the hell could she know! Sure the questions were strange and I didn't know what the point of a lot of it was. Could she have figured it out. Please god no....

"As I mentioned, our surveys help us identify the different personality traits in your partnership as a basis to starting to understand were the troubles are. Many of the questions deal reveal your internal dialog about your self esteem and your view of your personality. In you and your wife's your case, we added some questions that focus on your sexual relationship. Your results are, well, unusual."

I feel the blood rush to my face. A crouch in my chair and stare at the floor trying to hide my shame. "Um, ok..." I manage to squeak out.

"Let me cut right to it," she says. "Have you ever though you were born into the wrong body and should have been female?"

There it is. Horror of horrors made real right in front of me. I didn't say anything and continued to stare at the floor. What was I to do? Lie? Again after lying for so long. How can just continue to do so. I was tired of it, it was exhausting. To hide so many things. My duffel of women's clothes, panties, and ****** safely hidden in the garage behind the shelving unit. My marriage in shambles, how much long would I do this?

She sat there waiting, watching me squirm in my seat. A focused look in her eye. "Well," she commanded. "What is it sissy? Are you going keep lying?" She stood and closed the distance between us and bend down to my eye level. Before I could react, her hand was on my throat. She leans in and whispers in my ear, "We can do this the hard way if you prefer but you can't lie here. You had best tell the truth or there are severe consequences." When she said the word "consequences" she punctuates it by digging her nails into my throat. She stands and confidently walks back to her chair, sits facing me and crosses her long legs.

I swallow, what am I going to do? "Yes" I finally admit in almost a whisper.

"Of course you do." she replies. "I bet you have a secret stash of panties and toys don't you? I bet you ********** to ***** don't you, dreaming of sucking off some hung strong man? Having him put that monster **** in your sissy ***."

"Uh-huh" I reply.

"Louder!," she says. "Be proud of what you are, not ashamed. You owe it to your self."

"Yes, yes, yes! Ok? Yes to all of it." I stammer. "I want to be a woman so badly. More than anything in the world! OK?"

"Excellent." She says with a smile. She moves the papers aside. "You may go wait outside now. Please have your wife come in."

"Wait," I panic. "You can't tell her. Please don't tell her. It would be devastating! She is so good to me, I don't want to hurt her."

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it sweetie," she say condescendingly. Everything will be fine, you'll see. Now ask your wife to come in and take a relaxing walk. I know its stressful."

I left her office and as soon a my wife saw me, she could tell I was upset. "Is everything OK?" She asked, looking into my eyes. She gently turns my face to hers. "I know this is difficult but it is for the best." She kisses my wet cheek and turns to go. I hadn't even noticed I was crying.

I wait for what seems forever, at least 2 hours. I pace, walk the grounds and try to hold down the sick feeling in my stomach. I am dizzy and weak so I rest. I am shaking with fear of the unknown. Why is it taking so long? What did she tell her? Is it divorce city for me? Sissytown, usa, population me? I walk, sit, and pace. The sudden urge to run comes over me. Just get in the car and go. Do it.

I dig into my pockets for the keys; "****!" I say aloud, they are in my wife's purse. I eye the gate, locked and there is no way out unless I follow a car out. I eye the parking lot to see if anyone is leaving. As I scan the lot, I see the door to the offices open and Dr. Hanna is standing there. She crooks a finger and me, "Time to come in." She turns and walks back into the office.

My head reeling, I stand up and almost fall down. I catch myself, take a deep breath and resign to my fate. As I walk into the office, the Dr. and my wife are laughing and something said before I got there.

"Sit" says Dr. Hanna and motions to the chair next to my wife in front of the dark wood desk. I study my wife's face, she is smiling at me. A look of relief on her face. In the center of the desk is what appears to be a contract.

"Fortunately with cases like yours", the Dr. begins, "the remedy is simple, quick and relatively painless." She winks at me. She slides the papers to me. "This is a simple contract. This contract is going to redefine your relationship and marriage for, what I believe, the better."

My wife reaches out and takes my hand and looks a me with a reassuring smile. "What is this?" I say. I am still rushing from all the emotional stress from the last couple of hours.

"Don't worry," said the Dr. "You're wife has agreed and signed hers already; though hers is more of a training guide than a contract like yours."

I pick up the document. Its about 4 pages long. At the top, it starts with stating that my wife is the dominate member in our relationship and that I would agree to do whatever she said. Ok, that's the way things are already for the most part. It detailed that I would be "punished" for any violations of the contract. I feel lightheaded as I try to read on. Mid page, there is starts a list of rules that go through several of the pages. The first two rules:
1. You shall from this point on, only wear panties as underwear. All forms of male undergarments shall be destroyed.
2. You shall be plugged whenever your master wishes; which should be most if not all of the day.

I almost collapse with a rush of excitement. I am instantly hard. I grab the pen and turn to the last page and sign it, not bothering to read the rest. Whatever was in it, I'm sure I would be fine with it. (Though later as I learned about the chastity, forced hormones and taking men as lovers; I probably should have read it more closely.)

Both the Dr. and my wife grin, looking at each other and then me.

"Let's get you out of these clothes and dressed more appropriately," my wife says and I begin to unbutton my shirt.....
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This story made me so hard a dream come true for a sissy like me.


wow, what hot story made me *** my pantys

i love your story x

how wonderful tell us more

nicely written