Date Boys...

My stepmother never really disapproved of my dressing up as girl, which i discovered in my early teens. She actually encouraged me and provided me with the prettiest of girls clothes(at first supposedly accidentally as in "there's a box of your cousin's stuff i put in your spare closet for safekeeping"-strangely enough all brandnew and all in my exact size - later once she "accidentally" caught me dressed much more directly) as she found it "darling" as she regularly exclaimed in her sweetish taunting manner( in a slight foreign accent-she always reminded me of a brunette ZsaZsa Gabor). She did however pretend to be worried about me becoming a lesbian so in the end she forced me to have boyfriends and relentlessly set me up on dates with young men she or her friends knew. She was ruthless and she never took no for an answer. She would take hours grooming me for my dates. My now long hair would be in curlers, she would do my nails and make up and she'd help me get into some extremely glamorous partydress she bought me for the occasion. Meanwhile herĀ  evilish but seductive voice would be ringing through my head instrucing me how to behave and especially how a lucky girl like me should feel and think on my date. This would go on and on for ages untill i seemed not to have a thought or a will of my own anymore. Mummy really knew what was good for me and by then i was feeling like a princess awaiting her wonderfull prince. It all felt so right and i loved mummy for making me see her way. I was the perfect date and would always do everything to please my boyfriend as long as there was no actual sex. I'd be very willing to do anything that precluded that point though. And the week after it roughly went the same way with a different dress, a new even more glamorous hairdo and a new boyfriend. She even set up a website for me where i was supposedly frantically looking for suitable men and where i(she) was posting my sexiest pictures. This of course attracted a more adult kind of men but mummy knew that it was what a girl like me needed.......Never recovered from all that and still am a men-only girl now.

misszaskia misszaskia
51-55, M
Nov 30, 2012