Forced Marriage

It was during my college days. I ram and shankar are 3 close friends. I used to visit their house often. Am very much close with their mothers. Their houses are nearby. Both of their mothers will be together most often. I even visit their home just to see the aunties. Shankars mother is sreeja. Rams mother is Ramani. Both are so hot even in their late 40's. One fine day I visited their home. My friends were not there as they went for some camp. And so I , ramani, sreeja started talking and later we decided to play. Cards. Sreeja was wearing a transparent yellow color saree. She looked so hot. And ramani in a transparent white colord saree. Her boob s were protruding out. I couldn't take my eyes from them. And noe coming back to the card game it had certain rules. The loser should remove each cloth in each loses. And if they had no clothes to remove then they must accept whatever the winner says. I was very excited with the rules and 1st two games I won. And they removed their sarees. They are now only in blouse and petticoat. And next game I lost and I removed my tshirt. I had little bigger chest. Seeing my chest aunts commented that luk at him he is having boobs like us. I just neglected it and continued with the game. Next two games they lost and they r now only in bra and panties. I could nt take my eyes from them. They said look at him he is raping us with his eyes. He should be punished and then v continued the game I lost the next two matches and am now naked in front of them
And I was hoping to win the next game. But I lost and now they asked me to show my bum s to them
I turned around and showed them. They teased me look at his bums. They are girly like. He has a cute face too. He should have born as a girl instead. And then they asked me to move towards them and bend. I did and they slapped me in the butts and said u deserve it for raping us with ur eyes. Then v continued our game. They lost this time. They removed their bra and showed their breast to me. But this time I dint look at it fearing that they may slapping my butts again. But I looked through the corner of my eyes. Wow what a sight. They had lovely melons. They shined. And again v continued our game this time also they lost. They r now naked in front of me. But I dint dare to look at them. Then in the next game I lost,and they said I saw u looking our body through the corner of ur eyes so now u better serve us. And saying this sreeja sat on my face and asked me to lick her. I licked and drank all her juice and then ramani took her turn. And then again v played the game again I lost. This time the punishment was different. They asked me to wait in bathroom and they washed me in some thing and only after the bath I noticed I had no body hair all of it are,removed. Then they took me to their room and pressed my boobs. I moved their hand away but sreeja slapped me hard and said today u r our slave. And remember the rules of the game? I nodded my head. And they put a bra on me. Suddenly my **** got erected. They said look at her she is getting excited and gently slapped my ****. Then they made me wear a sexy panty. And then a skirt. Then a blouse and then a saree and dressed me like an Indian maid. And then they asked me to put tea for them and said that am their maid for that day. And they went to the hall. And I prepared the tea and I was unknowingly getting excited thinking me as their maid and then I went to them with the tea. Suddenly sreeja said me a thing which send shivers to my spiƱe. She said if she was really a girl I would have arranged her for my son as his wife. And suddenly ramani aunty said y now. ? She is very beautiful as a girl and I will convince my son and make him marry this sexy girl. He would definitely fall for u if he sees u. And she finished by saying if my son marries her she will be a gud wife and gud daughter in law. She will fullfill our desires. She will be a good maid for the house too. I got angry but at the same time was getting excited with their teasing words. Suddenly sreeja caught my **** through the saree and felt it and said she is excited. She is ok with it an now the only confusion is who is going to be the husband of her. My son or ur son. Who is that lucky Guy. I dint know what to do. I just lowered my head in shy
evildead1nightmare evildead1nightmare
22-25, M
Dec 6, 2012