i am 6 ft tall 185 lbs very manly in appearance am older than 30 and am writing this while wearing sissy panties pink with lacy waist and leg openings and much ruffles on the butt locked in the back so i cant remove them a sissy dress that is short enough to show the lacy ruffled panties i have on white thigh high nylons with lacy tops and pink bows in front.
my hair is short no make up except bright red lipstick and i was put into this wear by my neighbors 19 year old daughter.
when i was young preteen i often went next door to play with the children which happened to be girls. i enjoyed thier company and somehow they convinced me to play dress up well i was dressed completely skin up in girls wear and didnt know i was being recorded as i spent several hours playing thier games.
years later talia the neighbors daughter talia began pestering me and i brushed her off rather rudely. i didnt know she had found the recordings and had them put on a dvd.
she came by one morning and handed me one and said watch this i let it go all day and that evening i watched it was i ever surprised, she came knocked on my door came in and calmly told me she had made numerous copies which she planned to distribute to my work the places i socialized at and what not. and that i could prevent this by doing exactly what she wanted.
i said what would i have to do, she reached in her backpack came out with a pair of baby blue ruffled sissy panties and told me to put them on. i laughed and said your bluffing. she said fine got up to leave and i dry mouthed said ok ok i will put them on. she made me take everything off all the well calmly sitting there and when bare handed me the sissy panties i stepped into them feeling the coolness of the satin for the first time and the tightness of the lacy leg opening i didnt know they locked in back she had me turn around and she locked me into these panties.
alleynahlove alleynahlove
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I like the thought of locking panties for Sissies...

Loved your story would love to talk xxxx Tina

THAT every sissys dream just like me

Fantastic. Every sissy's dream/nightmare
Thank you x