Sissified-part 2

the sissy panties were locked on me in back where i cant unlock them, she had me dress back up and took me to her car and when we both got in she took me to a bra and specialty shop we entered and there were rows of skirts dresses and womens lingerie displayed. a young sales girl approached and talia said here is the guy i told you about he needs to be fitted for a bra and wardrobe.
i was so embarrassed when she has me undress right there in front of the young sales girl standing there towering over both of them in sissy panties.
i was measured had several bras brought out put on me until talia was satisfied. next more sissy panties all lace satin ruffles and fluff and trying on skirts with crinoline underskirts dresses short so any bending showed the panties nylons both gartered and thigh highs and extra large sized high heels and when she was satisfied i had to pay for everything. i dressed once again carried all the clothing and lingerie out to the car and we headed home.. i have learned how to walk in heels dress myself including slip and bra and have been made to do her bidding on demand.
now my sissy panties have a back zipper and talia has had me practicing mouthing bananas and a has told me i will be having to have sex with a male friend of hers i have to confess i am liking this a little and am really excited as to what lies ahead.
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3 Responses Dec 7, 2012

oh hun i love your story but please tell us more love penny from ct

Fabulous x
Loved it as I'm sure you did! ;-)

Wish I had a neighbor like that - I would love a young girl forcing me to be feminized. Hope to hear more.