How I Bribed My Roommate To Be My Personal *****

When I was in my early 20’s I had never heard of forced feminization and I definitely never had desires to be with a man. I had a roommate named Rusty. Rusty and I had similar tastes in music and we liked to smoke pot. We worked for the same manufacturing company. He worked 1st shift , I worked the swing shift. Being naive and young it never occurred to me that Rusty with his long red hair and small 5’7” frame actually looked somewhat feminine. He liked women just like I did and we went out on Saturday nights looking to hook up with some sexy bar fly.
One night I decided I had had enough at work and came home about 2 hours before the end of my shift. When I walked in to the living room to my surprise there was Rusty in a black mini skirt and pumps. His make up was equally sexy with bright lip stick, thick eye liner and blue mascara. He could definitely pass as a woman. A very attractive woman at that! He looked so sexy I almost didn’t recognize him untill he ran off screaming “It’s not what you think”.
Well I was instantly aroused and curious as well. He had ran to the bathroom, so I grabbed my camera, opened the door and snapped some pictures of him trying to wipe the make up of his face.
He asked me why I would do that. And he looked like he was going to cry. I told him he looked so sexy as a woman that I wanted him to suck my **** and the photos were bribery. He then confessed that he was not gay, he just like to dress as a woman. I then told him I was not gay either but he looked so feminine and sexy. I have always had a thing for redheads. I told him if he didn’t start sucking me that instant I would tell everyone at work what I knew and share the pictures.
With that I moved closer to him and he dropped to his knees and reluctantly started sucking my swollen ****. As I looked down at this man who was such a sexy woman he glared back enraged with the power I now had over him. That really turned me on.
Since he wasn’t very good at sucking **** and I needed to *** I grabbed some Vaseline from the medicine cabinet and started lubing up is hole while he was still sucking me. Then I pulled him up and bent him over the bathroom sink. His freckled *** was so round and soft and man talk about a tight hole. I really had to work it to get it in. But once I did I started pounding that sweet *** hard. He was moaning and groaning like any good **** should. I ****** that sweet *** for a good 10 minutes and then I blew my load.After that I said thank and went to bed.
The next night when I got home I grabbed a beer, the Vaseline and went straight to his bedroom. I careesed his man boobs, I French kissed him, I forced his head down to my hard **** and he sucked it. He even licked my balls in between rompings. I ****** him every night that week. He was my new girlfriend. When I was done I would spoon his petite little body until I fell asleep. On Thursday I sent him to work with his neck covered in big hickies. Friday before I went to work I went to the mall and picked out a sexy nightgown. On Saturday morning I told him when we were at the house alone I expected him to wear the nighty and have at least some lipstick on for me and he did as I asked.
Over the next few weeks his **** sucking improved greatly and he seemed to be enjoying the sex. One night when I was pounding him missionary style I felt his hard **** cream all over my stomach to which I said “that’s my girl”. He mumbled something back. I knew he hated the fact that I had made him my ***** and that was a real turn on.
One night I came home and he had packed up and left. He told some of our coworkers that he had found a job in Kentucky. I sure was going to miss that soft freckled butt that put out so willingly for me.
That was my first experience with a man and being the dominant person was quite a turn on for me.
After that I married a woman and didn’t think much about sex with men until recent years. However now that I am older I like to be the one who is dominated. Read my story How I became a Sissy **** Sucker. I get the same super aroused feeling that I used to feel when I was forcing Rusty to suck my **** when I am dressed in a slutty skirt at an adult theater sucking some strangers **** while another man is fingering my hole. But with my 6’ tall masculine build I could never be a pretty little feminine **** like my old roommate Rusty was.

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Wow now room-mate now takes on a new meaning! Thanks for telling us!

I'm sure rusty loved it! Nice story.