Love Forced Femization

I love reading stores about this subject or looking at cartoons of such. It gets me so very horny. I have fantasies about being the one in the story or cartoon. Would love to chat with other sissies or folks that are in to this as well. E-Mail if interested.
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Has to be wicked stepmothers and evil aunts for me.........and forced/dominated into having boyfriends and gentlemen a sort of romantic setting as the "get on yer knees and blow me"stuff never worked for me. Forced to be a lovesick teenager yearning(unwillingly) for her man is so much more exciting......Forced to act as if the victim is in love with "her man" whilst inside he/she is repulsed and crying.....MMMMMmmmmm

I wish I had experinace in it. Love putting on panties

As do i
madam and masters forceing me dress andy be owen big turn o

Oh yes, me too! Look up scrambled souls on Long, but the end is great! A little different, but you need to read the whole story to really understand it.