Wife'S New Husband Pt:3

We join part 3 of this story as the wife has already punished her drunk husband by forcing him into wearing knickers, bras and then her most naughtily sexy sweet nightclothes. He has been helpless and hapless in his acceptance. Now that game has a bizarre twist, he likes it so much he comes in his sleep and is mocked and punished once again. 

'Stop your sissy snivelling!' my wife snapped from across the room. I stood, head bowed in my baby doll nightie and wiped away the tears that snaked down my face. 

I went to talk, to protest but instead I just stood and watched as my wife turned, reached into her wardrobe and pulled out something from her draw of underware, it looked like the pink lace embroidered corset thing I had bought her many years before, complete with pink draw string silk bows at the back and lace lined bra cups and thong.

"You want me to wear that corset?"..."I can't...."
"Its not a corset its a lace body shaper." she snapped back quickly, grabbing my wet nightie and pulling it over my head.
"I never liked it" she continued, "too girly for me , but for you" she measured the garment up against me, like a mother to a child "not sure, we will see?" She then bent down and started gathering the material in her hands together "You obviously like being dressed a bit girly so my little sissy is going to be dressed girly all day and I'm gonna dress you in clothes that make not only look but feel like a girl too".  I tried to stop my wife protesting tearfully 'I don't want to' but my protests fell on deaf ears as my wife was quickly finding it both pleasurable and easy to physically overcome me. 

The pink body shaper was placed at my feet. I wanted her to stop now before it was too late but instead I  was transfixed by her, making her dominance of me even easier. It was as if i was a robot when I obligingly placed each of my feet meekly into the gathered body suit and it was guided up me slowly but surely. I could immediately feel its tight hug as my wife pulled it briskly up my thighs and then stretched it over my bottom. The unfastened lace trimmed thong gusset hung loose down between my legs, flapping around as my wife pulled me this way and that as she continued shimming the rest of the gathered material up my trunk. As she did I tried to complain again, but she silenced me "naughty little girls should be seen and not heard!" and then let out a giggle. I suddenly felt tight, almost dizzy, not due to the humiliation of being mocked by my wife but due to the firmness of the tummy and side panels as they pulled my sides in and taking my breath away. I tried to gather myself but now felt faint. In my unsteady state my wife found it easy to place my limp limbs through the straps of the balcony underwired bra top piece to the body suit.  The breast wires dug into my flat chest pushing it inwards and upwards, suddenly modding two mini cute burgeoning girly breasts.

"Look at her little *******" my wife  shrieked mocking me. She excited, looking like she was now seriously enjoying this. She moved closer cupped my breasts and started rubbing the palms of her hands round and round in circles over my breasts until she then moved a finger carefully round a each nipple, brushing it gently through the lace embroidered fabric of my bra. I did not want to enjoy this but the waves of beautiful sensations cascading through my body brought my penis to life. The tense atmosphere in the room changed and my wife felt this as much as me. One hand broke free and moved down over the sheer lace bodice covering my flat tummy and moved down onto my penis. Her 'little girl likes this, doesn't she' she whispered in my ear and then whispered it once again to confirm. I shamefully nodded and then threw my head backwards as now repeated waves of blissful tingles moved over me.  "You my little girl" my wife now mocked again and again i nodded in wanton acceptance. Suddenly she. grabbed my increasingly excited **** and went to her knees. I raises my head once again and thought I knew what was to happen. I saw her mouth open and then,..she pushed my penis between my legs, pulled the loose fabric flapping under my bottom and fastened it to fabric at the front with three poppers. 

This sudden interruption was deliberate. My wife had trapped me emotionally and now physically with my erotic rise halted and my penis encased within the prison of the body suit. I had been trapped.  The unmistakable high cut of the bodice suit and its lace lining was now very apparent to me. The thong forced itself between the cheeks of my bottom, giving me a sensation I could only describe as I bitingly fitted and restrictive! My wife backed away and admired me before I was turned around and she pulled and adjusted the pink drawstring silk bows that run down my back, thus pulling in my front and sides even tighter. As she did so she laughed muttering 'such a sissy' under her breath. I did now so much want this all to stop. I was not a sissy. I was scared and confused and worried but ashamed and regretful at being so willing to accept my fate. But these emotions  were mixed with the fear that I had once again enjoyed being forced into wearing it and I started to cry once. My wife now went again, back to her underwear draw and I saw myself for the first time in the bedroom mirror. I was so humiliated when I caught my reflection. My sexual excitement was now firmly tucked away, in fact there was now no evidence of it and of me ever being a man. A trembling shy girl stared back at me, her small petite fleshy breasts pocking out over a line of lace that gave way to a immediately slimming waist, pulled inwards by tight sheer embroidered lace side control panels giving me a tight tummy and strongly shaped hour glass hips that plunged downwards to a flat fanny and pert exposed bottom.  As I stared at my reflection I was so shocked at what i had become and I really did not want to play any more. I really did want to stop, honestly, but I could not as I was now fully emasculated and my wife was in control and quickly back by my side and I was ordered to sit on the bed. 

Moving in my new underwear was a whole new experience.  As  I was now fastened underneath I could feel nothing between my legs apart from the high cut digging into my crutch and up between my legs. My bottom moving from side to side made me conscious of the movement of the delicate french embroidery that stroked my buttocks. I sat and as I did my new breasts heaved upwards almost out of the underwired balcony bra, only the full lace unlined cups keeping them in place as the wire cut into my diaphragm.

"Please stop" I pleaded but my voice was meek, with no real conviction. Within seconds my wife was sliding a pair of white thigh high silk stockings up my legs. I remembered these too, they were another unwanted pressie, my wife dismissing them as far tI girlie once more but 'perfect of my little girl' I could now see what she meant as she was adjusting the frilly lace lined tops i could see they matched my pink body suit, with little pink bows on the heels, inner and outer thighs they looked so pretty and so femininely sweet.

 My wife then produced a knee high cream and pastel blue and pink floral dress which was placed over my head my arms put through the sleeves and she let it cascade down my front.  She when pulled me up turned me around and zipped me up at the back. 

As I stood I could see that girl in the mirror again. Her face streaked with tears but quietly hanging her heavy head in shame. Her pretty floral dress was adjusted and now followed around her with its elasticised waist and puffed arms giving the new girl an air of innocence and girly femininity.

My wife then asked me to put my wet nightclothes in the wash basket and change the bed. I stood, motionless maybe in shock maybe in disbelief at my wife's continual dominance of me but also in my submissive acceptance of it.   As I cleaned the bedroom a strange air filled the room, my wife changed into her work clothes a pencil skirt, white blouse and black tights and I moved around the room, my new skirt dancing round my legs as I did. I had stopped crying and caring now and actually felt at ease. As I worked I realised my stature changed, I was more concise in my movements more aware of my new body as it moved under the dress. I felt the bodysuit and it's tight hug and the soft stockings tickled my legs. My wife was right I did feel more.....like a girl.
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If only it could happen to us all that way! I wonder what sort of world we would have??

I could only wish to be in simialar situation
One step further kidnapped and never wear men's outfits again
I wod not fight any opertunity

I would like to **** both in their tight *** - woman and sissy. I love to deflore a hole (take a cherry)

You are so forward and so naughty, yet it turns me on thinking of what you said. Surely, being the husband I could not willingly allow another man to **** my wife. But now I am the girl in this story then I can see my wife might now need another, more manly man to **** her! I suppose I must except you into my bedroom and into my wife then.

Sure you have to accept, you get spanked and punished in any case, cause it makes your *** loose and I can **** you more easily. Be shure take my **** will cause pain at the beginning. It will take you into heaven after some practice!

Ok, I think I would have to obey you. What would you like to so with my wife? If I am the sissy you think I am then she would need and be happy to recieve anything

I love to **** ***, so she will get it into hers, too. You will lick her *** ready , so it is easier for her: you only get spanked, she licked. And I like to discuss your tiny little penis with her.
I think we will show your tiny dicklet in public, hehe

I am sure she would absolutely love to have you **** her! I am so sorry to presume but I was hoping rhat you would have protexted sex but i expect that you both may want to use the act of impregnating her to fully humiliate me. I would understand. No one knows that I am such a whimp, would you have to broadcast it in such a way? I would be happy to be spanked and I'd you need to take my arae then so be it.

Hehe, if you have enough money to rise up my baby, I will make her pregnant! If you earn enough money, I will do it several times...

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great story i wish my wife would do that to me.