Want to Be Feminized!

I had a girl friend once who enjoyed dressing me up and takeing me out on the town with her. We would go shopping, etc. and I loved every minute of it.

Eventually she became very dominate. Forceing me to wear nothing but sexy lace panties, garter belts and heels around our apartment. She would force me to cook and clean house, forcing me to say "Please.." when I wanted to do something and asking her permission when I wanted to use the bath room. She didn't always say yes, forcing me to squat and pee on the floor then clean it up while she looked on.

I eventually was forced to give her all my male cloths which she locked away. Before I could go to work each day I had to ask her to please select my cloths. She would not allow me to wear male underware anymore..only panties and/or panty hose. I was forced to keep my body completly smooth, no hair allowed and she would select the color I was keep my toe nails polished.

She would have me dress in revealing lingerie and serve her and her girl friends food and drink as they complemented her on how well trained I was and how passable I looked. One of them suggested she could make money with me by pimping me on a street corner, giveing blow jobs was the idea her girl friend came up with as they both laughed at me.

My girl friend told me she was considering it but first she had to try me out with a test subject first. She knew a man that was bi-sexual at work that she would bring home to see how I would perform which she did.

She dressed me up in a very tight and short mini-skirt and introduced me to Tom. I must admit he was very cute and put me at ease right away. My girl friend supervised the whole scene. She forced me to watch as they made out and than she called me over and had me kneel in front of him. I took his by now hard **** into my mouth and sucked him to climax. My girl friend demanded that I swallow his *** and then asked Tom for a review of my performance. I passed with flying colors!!

If there are any ladies out ther who live near Winchester, VA and are looking for a man to dominate please let me know!! I am totally serious and very willing to please! 

JillianS JillianS
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hoo I wish that was e I would love to be feminized and pimped out just got to find a female to feminize me

hoo I wish that was e I would love to be feminized and pimped out just got to find a female to feminize me

You would make a great sissy maid =)

Mistress Dede

i wish i had a gf like yours too

i dream about this, to happen to me,

I am being feminized at the moment. My mistress is lying in bed awaiting me; dressed all in pink, bringing hr in her freshly cooked breakfast.

Wish this would happen to me.

I love walking in the streets wearing a mini skirt with lipstick on my lips. passer by knows that I am a guy dressed as a woman. I love that feeling of shame and humiliation. I love men too and like to go down on my knees and lick and suck them if I can.

I always liked wearing moms&sis underthings made me fell more like a girl .I would dream about being forced to have sex with men.

ya, it would be fun being gang raped by a few men, or women


hi glenn, u are not the only one, I am a sissy guy also and love to be at the bottom and be submissive, however I can only dream because I hv no chance to meet anyone to femminized me

I liked it alot ,

I want so much to be femanised by a real live woman and to take on to myself what women of my age would think of as woman's roles. To also participate an a full and exciting sex life as a submissive female to my partner - be that either male or lesbian female.

I would love to be feminized that way...perfect!

Oh yes tat would be great

I would prefer to be crawling around wearing panties instead of being naked. with makeup and lipstick on my lips.

You sound beautifully trained. I wish I lived closer. I once trained a man in similar ways. One of the things I did was invite some girlfriends over wearing dresses. While we enjoyed drinks he had to crawl around naked on the floor, going from lady to lady, sticking his head up our skirts and eating us out until we were satisfied before moving on. For the grand finale we turned out all the lights except one overhead in a doorway like a spotlight. He had to kneel there naked, ******* off frantically, grunting like an animal, squirting off on the floor, then he had to lick up the *** and swallow it. The whole time he was groaning and grunting like some sort of beast. He was totally degraded. I think we ladies agreed that was the most enjoyable part.

unfortunately I leave far away, I am a sissy guy and would like to be dominated, I love to wear women clothes and perform oral sex for men

Well...squat and pee on the floor...hello, hygiene?

Oh my dear, oh my! Very hot hot story.

you have certainly made me hard and i am not far from winchester ,va

Certainly making my **** bulge like mad… wish I had a partner like that.… x

nice story...love you being dominated and cukolded...

this story was great until you basicly turned gay which just disgusted me

You don't know how lucky you were. If I had an understanding girlfriend like that; she could enslave me for life.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love thinking about that type of lifestyle

fantastic story. i.m lying here in my silky nightie with my toy between my bum cheeks. reading your story nearly made me come! I've only dreamed of such an experience

Sooo jelous of envy I would love to be in your heels, sucking **** and enjoying *** so marvelous

Sooo jelous of envy I would love to be in your heels, sucking **** and enjoying *** so marvelous

Very nice! I would definately like to have been in your situation there! Or be her! Either way, I would love that situations.

mmm, would love to have that girl-friend

love your story!!!<br />
xoxo,<br />

nice story! I would have loved to be in your situation, my only problem is i'd be waking around with a raging **** on all day if i had ot wear womens panties under neath or womans clothes at home...that is why i cna never walk outside in heels :(

make me female please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kellymargerisonatyahoodotcom

make me female please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kellymargerisonatyahoodotcom

Well er... is this a real story or a product of an inventive imagination ?

mmmm sucking **** and swallowing *** is absolutely wonderful! Didn't it taste yummy? Seems silly not to swallow the creamy reward we work for at the end.

If I was a bit slimmer i would like thst to.happen.to me

My first sexual experience was at the age of 10 with another boy. I wanted to be on bottom and he wanted to top me. It was wonderful for both of us and this happened many times over the years. I learned a lot about sex that way and knew this pleasure would happen often as possible. I think every boy wanted to wear girls cloths at some point. That is just growing up things. After I was in my upper teens, I had sex with girls only. I forgot the pleasures of being the happy bottom with another boy. It was around mid twenties when I had the desire to bottom with another man. It only took once to see what I had missed of those few years. I will always be bottom to any man that is willing and I am told I do so with strong desire and willingness to please. I am very submissive when I bottom to anyone. I have been wearing satin panties for over 25 years and know nothing else. I never had the need for a bra, that is a bit much for me. I sometimes wear a satin nighty to sleep in or around the house on a lazy day. I have worn a dress for a while when home with nothing else to do. That normally makes me get into sitting on toys, pop sickles or veggies when I were a dress or nighty. I guess it arouses me to that point. I have been wearing panties for a couple decades. I enjoy having pretty nail polish on my toes only. I had two different girlfriends that loved wearing a strap-on and make me bottom for them. They loved it so much and it made it so pleasing to me to please them that way. I wish I had another girl like that now or just even another man, that would be just as nice. I love the presence, the touch and the smell of a lady around me but as far as having sex, I prefer being a bottom to a man. I have two holes and I give them very willing. If I had a lady that would make me bottom only for her and she could have her normal sex with other men, that would be my perfect dream lady and I would be her slave, servant and lover for life. There is nothing I would not do for her. As it stands now, I have no one to please and I am being a lonely single sissy man. I do have hopes of being a long term bottom to someone in need someday soon. I think ladies should demand role reversal with their men or find or make their own sissy to serve them and their needs. I am willing to settle for one night stands if that's all I can have. Only time will tell. It seems everyone else has the perfect partner but me. Glenn

A good turn on. Actually I had a male master who used to force me to dress in a tight corset black nylon stockings and wide leg nylon knickers. After tieing me to a roof beam he would invite a male friend to come and enjoy the fun. Fun! It usualyy involved punishment with awhip and finally after halfan hours or more play, kneeling to serve them

Hello boystud, if you live near Philadelphia maybe I can service you<br />
<br />

wow, that was hot.

I can just taste it in my mouth. Such a lucky girl you are. But, c'mon... forced into all this???? You loved it, didn't you? Admit it, Hun. Your girlfriend is a gem!

I've always wanted to find a girlfriend or couple who wanted to help me dress<br />
and act like a girl... I'm a str8 guy that wants to be feminized by<br />
you and be your personal sissy... I've read so many stories about<br />
women who love doing this to guys and some of these women have even<br />
turned there husbands into passable girls...this is my my ultimate<br />
goal and fantasy to someday live 24/7 as a girl with my girl I've<br />
already saved up over a few grand to buy outfits makeup wigs panties<br />
ect but I really need someone special to coach me into womanhood... Do<br />
you think you could be that person?

i wished someone could force feminized seioucly can anyone teach me

Each to their own :)

Great story sweetie! I wish i could be so lucky. Love, Bethann

you lucky girl it must have been wonderful to know your fate and unable to fight it<br />

Great story<br />
I'd like to meet your ex.

I can help you become very feminized breasts and all!<br />
<br />
I've done this before and you know you want this so just let me know sweetie an we will get started! I only will help you if you are serious and only if you reply to me at housewife11801@hotmail.com . <br />
<br />
Need you age, sissy name and location<br />
<br />
Love Always,<br />
Mistress Ranya

Do you know of anyone that will feminize me in Utah? I need a master badly...

Ranya hon I am interested in femming a guy I know who is a real macho bum. Is that possible? Have you done that? love to hear from you if you have some suggetsions. This guy really needs to be put in his place and learn life from our side. My e-mail is susanmarie2005@yahoo.com. I'd love to hear more about your interesting experiences in any case hon.

You should share with us what you can do.

Would love to be femmed by someone who would get a real kick out of the process and who would enjoy the control, process and outcome as much as I would.

Is he the only one you will help Ranya?

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Very lucky to find your place in the world. I wished I lived closer to you so I could have you service me.

Nice fantasy!

That's..horrible.<br />
You aren't living life right.