This carries on from the "Panty Test" story.

The airlock door swooshed open and the burly woman gripped my arm behind me and roughly pushed me into a corridor off which there was a line of cubicles. I was pushed into one where I was met by a tall woman and a pretty figure in pink scrubs who I couldn't decide was a boy or a girl - long blonde hair in a ponytail and wearing shoes with a heel, but flat chested. The security guard stood by the entrance to prevent my escape, handing the paperwork over to the woman. The nurse and the figure in pink busied themselves with equipment, handing over what looked like a gun which was held against my neck. A sudden jolt of pain..

"Your old identity has ceased from now" the woman said. "I have just inserted a tag under your skin which will identify you from now on in whatever role is allocated to you. Now open your mouth".

The figure in pink approached me with what looked like a plastic ball on a strap. I wasn't having that in my mouth..the security guard saw my resistance and tapped my back with a white wand. The pain was indescribable, and as I opened my mouth to cry the gurl in pink popped the ball in my mouth and fastened it behind my head. The woman injected me in the neck.

"When we take the gag off you will find you can't speak. That will be a benefit for all of us who will be engaged in your training as we won't have to put up with constant moaning. In time your voice will return, but it will suit your new role in life". The gurl removed my gag and I tried to speak..but couldn't.

"OK, this one's ready". I was marched out and up the corridor to a room where there were already three other males standing, still wearing the panties they were tested in (one other in pink, the others in black and red..they looked so cute in them, their ***** straining at the pretty material. None of us could speak.

"Right, pair up" my pair was the one who I had seen arrive with his parents, now wearing pretty red panties, with tears running down his cheeks but a raging erection.

"Help your pair remove her panties". I helped my new friend pull her panties over her raging hard on, brushing against his **** as I did, feeling a mixture of shock and excitement..and then she helped me and i felt a thrill of dark pleasure run through me.

We were marched into another room. "Stand with your arms outstretched, rested on the shoulders of the trainee next to you". It felt odd resting my hand on the bare skin of another male. A net was placed over me hair and goggles over my eyes. There as a series of buzzing noises and I felt heat against my skin. The goggles and hairnet were removed and I noticed my body was covered in a fine ash. Water then sprayed at us from the ceiling and walls.

"You have all been irradiated with harmless energy which has burnt off all your body hair other than that on your head and killed the follicles. You will be completely smooth for the rest of your lives. Now help your pair wash the ash off". I looked at my friend, who came up close and started to run his hands over my body, brushing off the reminder of my male hair. I did the same, hesitantly at first and then more positively, running my hands over his chest, his legs, his thighs..his ****

"Thats enough"! the voice rang out. Jets of warm air dried us off and we were led one by one out and into another room where another female doctor and another gurl in pink scrubs stood. The doctor stared at my erection. "Small enough, but needs to be a tiny bit smaller for your fitting" she said. The gurl clamped something icy cold around it, and it shrank. The doctor handed her what looked like a metal tube which she roughly forced my **** into, pushing it through until the head peeked through the top. A few clicks and it was securely fastened.

"Made of a new alloy, very light but incredibly strong. And its fastened to you for life. No more erections for you. No hair, no penis..not male any more. OK, next!"

I was led out and placed in a queue, my pair immediately in front with the same contraption locked over his crotch. As trainees reached the front of the queue they were taken to a desk and handed female underwear which they had to put on before being led off.

When I reached the front I saw my friend being handed pretty pink panties trimmed in white lace and saw him pull them on. Then a matching bra, and finally a pink collar was fastened around his neck. He was shaking his head at whatever he was being told..

"Next. Come on gurl!" I went over to the desk. The stern woman behind it waved a wand over the tag in my neck and consulted her papers.

"Good. Put these on". I was handed a pair of very sexy red satin panties with black lace around the waist and legs. I stepped into them and pulled them up. They felt so sexy..Then the matching bra..i held my arms out so the straps could be pulled up and i was fastened in. It felt so good even though I had no breasts.

"You are being allocated to sex industry training. Lucky gurl. Once you have paid off your training debt you will earn enough to buy more lovely clothes like the ones you love so much. I think you will enjoy your training.. she hesitated as she consulted her papers "Mandi. You are going to be a Fucktoy. Now head up" I obeyed as a gurl picked up a pink collar and fastened it snugly around my neck. It had d ring attachments and a little plate with my new name on it.

Fucktoy Mandi 55.
Mandisissy Mandisissy
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so fun being turned into a sissy, i'd love it

So would I. I want to be given no choice, but have my masculinity and self-control ******** away.

Yes, yes and yes!

Keep going I am loving it sooooo much!!


OMG AMAZING. XD is therre more coming??

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More to come?

more pleaaseee!

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