Sissifuss Is Great

The picture of this experience is a sissifuss magazine cover, i have bought two issues of it and what i like about it is that you can download it and keep it forever, whereas with prissy's sissys which i really like too, you only have a short time to download it and you can't scroll through it like you can for sissifuss.  However i think i enjoy prissy's artwork a little more just because its a wide variety of different styles of pictures.  Anyway i love being a sissy and reading stories of forced feminization, the first story i ever read was about a jock forcing another kid to be a girl and try out for the cheering squad and eventually they got together in the cheerleader/jock relationship that was a pretty hot story.  Anyway i've gone on long enough about this and that. 

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looks like that website only has cartoons? Can you recomned one with real people?

Hey there - <br />
Thanks for the recommendation - I wasn't familiar with "Sissifuss" but it looks pretty fun! I checked out some of the covers and they are great - in your opinion are the insides (stories and drawings, I presume) as good as the covers?<br />
Also I'd like to add that enforced crossdressing (as punishment/humiliation) really turns me on as well. I'll share my stories here when I get the time, and am curious where you and others like us get that response. I discuss it a little on my blog ( - sorry for the blatant self-promotion but if you're reading this you might enjoy it and I'd love to hear from you) and intend on exploring the psychological reasons behind gender bending punishment as a turn-on. Obviously it has to do with submission, and the way males view themselves as opposed to how society views them, but I think it goes deeper than that. Giving control of your masculinity over to a dominant female - by allowing her to turn you into her sissy girl, or use a strap-on, or a chastity device, or whatever - is liberating in a strange way, and the shame of it seems to turn me on as well. Perhaps I feel guilt about my sexuality and unconciously desire to be corrected? I'm not sure where it all comes from, but anyway, I'm there with you.