Mean girls part 1 -

Hi, my names tom and this is my story. It was the first day of school for the year and my first day of high school since I was year 7. I took the bus to school and started talking to the only other people on the bus who went to the same school. The four girls names were laura, Emma, tayla and dani.

We got talking and I noticed they all had large bags with them. I asked what they were trying to keep the conversation going cause they were all very good looking and in year 12. They said that it was their fashion outfits they had to create for one if their classes and did I want to see? Of course I said yes and they showed me. Laura had a huge long blue dress with tight sleeves and very tight body. Emma had a black and white striped long sleeve top that showed the belly button and and short black skirt. Tayla had a pink blouse and pencil skirt and finally Dani showed me her incredible prom dress. I could tell Dani was the best because if how professional and great her dress looked but I complimented them all.

We were nearly at the school and it looked like the girls were actually texting each other which was weird and they started giggling. Then one of them asked if they could have my phone number. I was shocked and asked why but Laura just said does it matter and put her hand on my d*ck which really surprised me! So if corse I gave them my number and then we got to out stop and they just walked off giggling.
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Looking forward to more of the story