Mean girls part 2

For about a Month after that meeting on the bus all 4 girls would casually punch my butt or wink or when there was nobody at all around kiss me on the cheek. As you could imagine I was pretty happy with this as all 4 girls were very popular and good looking. And about 6 years older than me.

Well after a while in the morning one day before school tayla texted me and said to meet her behind the bike shed. This was big as that was nowhere near anything in the school and everyone knew that was a big hook-up spot. I quickly got there and when I did she was waiting. She told me to move up next to the hand railing and put my arms out in front of me with my eyes closed as she had a surprise.

I did but straight away she handcuffed my hand to the hand railing and someone grabbed me from behind with a hand over my mouth. I turned and saw laura, Emma and dani laughing and smiling
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Oh my! :)