Mean girls part 3 -

"What're you doing?!" I said as tayla took off my pants with all the girls giggling. "Well when we had that conversation on the bus that first day, we realized you could be a great girlfriend!". I protested and said I didn't want to but they said too bad because if I didn't they would put the pictures of my d*ck they just took all around the school. "So yep, we're gonna make you out little girl, but don't worry we'll ease you into it so for the next while we'll just get you wearing panties full-time!".

They then gave me some Victoria's Secret white panties and said they'd be doing checks and if I wasn't wearing them they'd punish me. "If you don't put them on we will" Laura said so I put them on the put my pants over the top and they un cuffed me. They then gave me 4 more pairs if panties to wear everyday (all Victoria's Secret blue, pink, purple and a lace g-string) and then left.

The bell then went and I had no choice but to stuff the panties in my bag and wear the panties like I feared I would have to everyday.
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Aug 19, 2014