Mean girls part 4 -

Well there wasn't much I could do as during the first day the girls would lead me away and check I was still wearing the white panties, even though they had taken my jocks. I was very self conscious and careful not to let them go above my pants.

At the end of the Monday I let up with Laura, Dani, Tayla and Emma and they said I had to wear each of the panties once each for the rest of this week, and if they caught me without them I would have to also wear stockings under my pants!

Well on Tuesday I wore the blue ones as they were the least girlish and the girls were pleased. This continued until the Friday as I had also worn the purple, and very very reluctantly the pink ones. But on Friday morning I just couldn't wear the lace g-string so I just decided I'd try to stay away from them. But first thing in the morning on the bus as I walked on dani tripped me onto her lap and quickly pulled my pants down over my butt and looked.

Well my plan had failed pretty badly and she just said to meet her at the bike shed if I wanted the d*ck pics to stay on her phone.
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Aug 20, 2014