Mean girls part 5 -

Well I had to meet all 4 of the girls by the bike shed and Dani told me straight away to take of my pants and jocks. I reluctantly did and she just gave me another lace g-string and said to put it on and I did quickly just trying to cover up. Well Tayla took heaps of pics with them on. Dani then said to close my eyes for a sec and sit on the chair with my legs out. I did and she out something weird on my waist and then slid up what I knew were the stockings.

She said "ok you can look" and I did and saw the stockings and what I now know as a garter belt. They all laughed and took lots more pics while I quickly out my pants over the top. They then just left and said to meet them here after school to give it back.
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garters are very nice to wear :)