Mean girls part 6 -

I had to keep on everything under my pants all day as the girls kept checking. I had gotten through the day almost as I just had my elective for the afternoon which was drama (I did it as a bludge). I walked in but was shocked to see the year 12 drama class there with my small year 7 class aswell.

My teacher mrs. Namely then explained to the class that we would be splitting into groups of 3 year 7's and 3 year 12's to make a small play which they would perform with costumes and props infront of the drama students from every other year level.

The year 12's were allowed to make their own groups then choose their year 7's. Well Laura, Emma and Dani (Tayla didn't di drama) choose me and 2 girls Bec and Vanessa.

We then went into our groups and for this lesson had to decide what it would be about and what characters we would each be playing. Well Laura said we should do a prince saves the princess play and everyone agreed. And we decided our 6 characters would be the prince, princess, knight, and 3 ogres who would guard the princess.

Laura (who we agreed was the leader) then asked what everyone preferred to do and all 5 girls said princess and I said prince. Laura couldn't decide who would go princess but then said "what about if Tom went princess?! It would be a good twist and is better because nobody here can be disappointed".

All 5 girls agreed and I didn't even get a say! Before the lesson ended they decided they'd try to make me look as much like a girl as possible so they could show off their talents and get good grades.
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Aug 20, 2014