Mean girls part 7 -

Well after that drama lesson I was feeling very girly with my blue panties and stockings and the soon to be princess play. Well on the bus on the way home all the girls talked about with me was the stockings and panties but mostly they planned the play.

The girls all stayed on past their normal stops and said they were all going to Dani's house who was last on the bus line but just before my stop laura just texted 'come to our house if you want the d*ck pics, panties and stockings pics to stay secret'. I just hung my head in sadness and got off with them. They just giggled and giggled until we got to Dani's house.

"Well nobody's home so were gonna just have a good girl sesh" said dani. "Oh let's just wait here for a sec" Dani then said as we got outside her house. I asked why and she just said "you'll see"
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Looking forward to more x