My Cuckolded Sissy Husbands Feminization - True Story!

Hi my name is Ranya and I have been married to Bill for 15 years now.  I love my husband dearly but our sex life was never that great due to his really small penis which would slip out constantly whenever we tried to have sex.

For years I secretly had lovers on the side who would be able to cater to my physical needs - I slowly became known as what is referred to as a size queen - which is no good for my hubbie who is less then 5 inches at best.  The bigger the better and small ********* were always welcomed.

One day I caught hubbie looking at pictures of sissies on his computer and it kind of turned me on so we began to talk.  He asked me if I ever thought of being with other guys and I played along as if I never did but was interested.  To make a long story short we went from him finding me a lover to him becoming my EXTREMELY feminized sissy who only gets to cleanup the *** from my lovers.

I put him on the strongest feminizing herbs there are which are actually bio-identical to estriol a real estrogen.  It's been a year now and his breast have blossomed and his little clitcock has gotten even smaller and remains soft now. He loves his new role as cleanup man for my bulls now.

I am looking for other sissies now to feminize permanently as this was so much fun watching his manhood disintigrate. If any sissies are serious about becoming feminized for me please contact me at and I will help you eradicate your manhood. You will grow perky cute sissy breasts for me and worship and obey me in return!

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I sent you an email earlier. I hope you are still interested.

Interesting story. My hubby would like this😊

U still looking?

Love to be a clean up sissy!

Love to!!!

i've wanted to be feminized all my life

i would love to be feminized and have big huge boobs. message me if interested.

I don't know how to say it gently except that if your conscience does not bother you maybe you need to seek help.

my ex enjoyed me cleaning her after her lovers finished with her. She also enjoyed watching me satisy them if she was not able


goodmorning to you and good for you i need to know those herbs as my sissy is coming out and everybody gona know at

I think she's amazing

You are an amazing wife. Look forward to hearing more.

Hi I'm Jenny and my "sissy" ex-boyfriend has been f-u-c-k-e-d by girls & guys in his pretty dresses and petticoats. He also sits tied to a chair beside the bed and watches as my "real man friend" pleasures me good.<br />
Bobby's hands are free enough so he can play with himself as we get it on. Then when we have all been satisfied, Bobby is untied and he cleans us both up.

I want to be a sissy!!!! tell me how I can become more girly! nitro887@gmail

S-u-c-k lots of c-o-c-k, thats the only way to be a good sissy.

Get all dolled up in women's clothes. wear a petticoat under your dresses and skirts. Learn how to curtsy when you enter a room. Swing your hips back and forth when you strut about the house. Get a butt plug with a harness and strap in on, then wear it all day long. You want to stretch your hole so you can get a big d-i-c-k up there. Get a rubber pen-i-s with a head strap and place that in your mouth and suck on that all day.
Then after you have all that on, practice rubbing your self off in front of your girl and guy friends. You have to be able to do this with anyone in the room.
No crying, no whimpering, just do it and you have to say it out loud, "I like to get off for you", I'm a sissy and I love it", Do think I'm pretty in my dress",
And then when you get ready to blow your wad, Then say," I'm going in my panties", then pick up your dress and let everyone see you wet in your panties.
Now your a sissy!

Can I please be your sissy maid ? I'll get the bed ready for u and your lover , I'll suck him hard if needed , I'll lick you both clean and anything you ask of me . Please Sissy Claudette

Do me next

so very hot. i have always enjoyed wearing girls cloths. my boy organ is small already but if it can be reduce my panties would look so much better. now for the breasts. i do wear a bra sometimes but nothing to really put in the cups if u know what i mean. would love to have some nice **** to wear a sexy bra and be able to fill it.

Dear Housewife,<br />
While i have been on estromon for nearly a year, i have found that my breasts aren't as large, or perky as i would like them to be. my tush has widened some, and i hold out hope that what you have suggested will be the answer to my prayers; more fem breasts, and a reduction in the clitoris and berry department. If You would be kind enough to take me under Your instruction, i would be most appreciative.<br />
Gratefully,<br />

I am single, no kids and VERY interested! Where do I sign up? :-)

I wish I could be a cuck to a real **** wife. Feminized of course and used as a sissy.

Have you ever thought of having your sissy clean up after a huge cocked stud had stretched your *****,then as he's doing it you hold him down and have him ****** by a 9 inch stud? He'll squeal like a little pink pig and you can rub his face in all that ***** mixed with his sissy tears and blubber.<br />
Then get him to choke on that massive throbbing **** to get it nice and hard so you can push him away and get it deep into your bowels by your anus,dragging sissy under you to lick up the dripping **** as it spurts onto your anus.<br />
I'm sure this would be good for your worshiping sissy husband.<br />
<br />
Well done,hope he smells like a sissy too!

Oh mistress id love to be feminised and for my wife to want it too. I want nice big F boobs sexy *** and to be femme always<br />
<br />
please help me.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
xx<br />
<br />
Louise<br />
please be my master wife...i want to be yr sissy my profile.write me at

WOW, that sounds fantastic!!!!!!! I wish I were your sissy.

WOW, that sounds fantastic!!!!!!! I wish I were your sissy.

DOM69, I think he has given you his signal that he is ready for that kind of life. You have picked up on his message and you just need to reply with GUSTO! I think he's impatiently awaiting your reply to his request and anxious to become your sissified husband! He is sooo lucky!<br />
<br />
Get him is own nightie and bra and panties and give them to him as a gift. Too bad you didn't give it to him for Valentine's Day. I'm sure you will find the right occasion even though he would probably prefer not to wait for a special day, it will be his MOST SPECIAL DAY when you feminize him!

Worship and Obedience to Ranya would be a pleasure in return for feminization and Perky Cute Sissy Breasts to fill a bra with! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i really want to become a sissy girl. im 18 and i wear my sister and moms underwear around the house whenever they arent home. i fantasize about being a real sissy but dont know how.

yes he is so lucky to have you that would be nice

wow, what a life. i soooo wish i were available to become one of your sissys your husband is so lucky..