My Forced Fantasy

My fantasy, and that is all it is at this point, begins with my wife getting pissed off at me for ******* in her mouth as I have been told the only way she will suck my **** is if I pull out and *** on her face or **** or where ever as long as it is not in her mouth. Well on this one particular occasion I decided to press my luck and let her have it, she immediately got up and spit it out at me. We didn't speak for several days and went without sex for several weeks. We eventually fell back into our routine sex life until one night she mentions being interested in some light bondage which excited me greatly. She told me she felt bad that she doesn't like to swallow my *** and that she knew tying her up was something else I always wanted to enjoy. It was fantastic, I came over & over again and she seemed to enjoy it too. I didn't realize at the time that this was all a set up, as my turn was coming the following night. The next night she said it was her turn and I agreed to be handcuffed and shackled. She ******** me & bound me and had a leash around my **** and balls and then informed me of a little surprise she had for me, that we were going to be taking a little ride, but she would need to get ready. She returned after about 15 minutes and was all dolled up, dressed to kill, quite revealing. I thought to myself, oh great, she's taking me out to **** in public, semi-public which we had always enjoyed when we first met. She loosely throws an overcoat on me and leads me by the balls out to the car and we take off. We drive several miles to a bar and pull into the parking lot and says she'll be right back. She returns in about 15 minutes with another couple, she opens my door and pulls me out and tells me to sit in the back seat (passenger side), the other girl walks around the car and gets in the drivers' seat, looks back at me with a devilish smile and watches as my wife leads her man up to my window. She leans in and says to me, "So, you want to *** in my mouth AFTER I said not to? Well maybe it's about time you got to see what it's like to have a **** shoot a load of *** into your mouth!" Stunned, I look up at the girl in the front & she is getting our video camera prepared. My wife grabs me by the hair and turns my head to face this  bulge in this guys pants, she grabs it and tells me to bite into it and while I am doing that, she starts to open his pants and gives me the following instructions, she tells me to suck him off while she gives him a hand job and tells me to suck good because she is going to let him start playing with her ****, and then her ***, and then her ***** until he ****, so the faster I make him ***, the less he will see of her. My **** is hard,and throbbing as she pulls down his shorts and his **** flies out, she grabs it and me by the hair at the same time and feeds it to me. Both my wife and the girl up front are both getting off on this which is making me harder & harder. I would be forced to deep throat him for a couple of strokes and then my wife would jerk him off for a few strokes. The guy barely got to play with my wifes' **** before he came in my mouth, I gagged a little but was told I did a respectable job considering it was my first one and that I would improve as the evening went on. My wife told the guy to go back inside to see who else wanted to get a blow job and get to play with her **** & ***. He comes out with another guy,  brings him over to my wife then gets into the back seat next to me and undoes my handcuffs as I am being fed my second **** of the evening, this time my wife said she wasn't going to help me out by stroking him off, it was all me this time so I was allowed to use my hand on him as well, I was made to slap his **** against my face, suck on his balls and of course deep throat him however this time my wife told me to make him *** in my face so I knew what I was SUPPOSE to do, the first shot hit me on the bridge of the nose, the eyes, cheek - ALL over! My wife took his **** and used it to wipe my face off and then made me clean him off. I sucked quite a few ***** that night and actually enjoyed it because of how much it excited my wife. We have great sex now as we watch the video made that evening while she sucks me during foreplay to remind me of the consequences if I ever *** in her mouth again, who knows, maybe I'll have to "accidently" (wink-wink) slip again sometime!  NOTE: to date this is just a fantasy and I am no longer married. Anyone want to be my angry wife somenight?

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Very nice. I love ****

I love this story! My wife has cockold me many times, but i wish she would play hard like this.