A First For Me And Her Too! Dedicated To A Friend? Part One

My friend (Ll) and I were talking one day about forced feminization and how at first she thought it to be perverse yet became quite aroused after thinking about it over time. I confessed to her as well how I had fantasized on more than oen occasion about being forced to suck **** by a woman, that I had no urge to have a one on one with a another man but beign forced by a woman was extremely arousing. We looked at each other long and hard as if to say well what do you think? Finally I said, "go for it". She said she wanted time to think about it, do a little ground work and figure out some logistics before deciding if  she was in fact willing to go through with it. I ensured I would not back out on her and she said "ok, then, bu tbe warned, there will be no warning, when I come for you, you will be mine"

She showed up a few nights later, cosmetic bag, suitcase  and a bottle of wine in hand. We sat, drank and talked for a while, set up some guidelines and proceeded to turn me into a little girl. The moustache came off first and my eyebrows plucked. She called a friend of hers (d) over who did my nails while she continued with my make up. Next came time to get dressed so (d) went out in the living room while Ll and I got me dressed. I wore a forest green satin & lace bra, c cup inplants, and very sheer matching panties. I wore a peach colored cotton sweater and a black polyester/wool blend belted skirt that fell slightly below the knee and a nice pair of lace top black thigh highs. I was getting VERY aroused until it was time to try to get my feet into the pair of pumps that was determined to be my best bet out of the three pairs that Ll had brought along. With that I was done, and quite ready for a couple of more drinks. When we went out to the living room, d had invited over several other friends, (p&s) to help train me and prepare me for my big night. My biggest obstacle was my voice and refraining from making wise cracks about what we were doing, It was then that p told Ll tha she needed to put her foot down with me. I was given a stern lecture as p&s began snapping pics of me. They said they would post them on facebook for all my friends to see if I continued to mis-behave. The first night was more lectures, voice training, posture, walking etc. I served the girls drinks and as I served each one I would have to hike up my skirt to show them my thigh hi's & panties. They would tug on my **** and squeeze my balls teasing me to the max bu tdenying me an ******. When I got to Ll, she took my **** into her mouth and sucked until I alsmost came. She stood, before me, with a mouth full of precum and told me suck her tongue,and the others would chime in, "No, like it's a ****"! They took out a ***** and told me to practice on it, I asked if one of them would lube it for me but I was told I was getting NOTHING from any of them until I sucked **** for them. They took their turns, giving me pointers of how to deep throat without gagging and how to take breaths. My last assignment for the night was to go out with them to the mall and I had to flirt with at least 5 guys before we left. I was nervous as hell and was told to ease up, that I looked killer and that my nervousness was giving me away, so eventually I completed my assignment without getting the crap beat out of me and we left.

My reward for the evening was being allowed to ***** down to my bra and panties for the ladies and stroke myself off into a shot glass of  jagermeister and lick it clean. d,s & p left at that point while Ll stayed and assisted me in removing my make up and told me she would be back the next afternoon to get me dressed back up and that we would be attending a small get together at S's.

When we got there, S had her sissy greet us at the door, bring us in, serve us drinks and I was instructed to watch & learn from "freda" D&P were there as well and that was all until abotu an hour later when there was a knock on the door. freda approached me and motioned for me to come with him to greet the guests which didn't seemed too surprised to be greeted by the likes of us. They passed by us and went up to the girls, there were 4 of them. The girls filled them in on what the evening was about and I could feel myself getting excited, I had butterfliesin my stomach as the guys wasted no time in making out with the girls. I was called over by Ll who was sitting near S, Ll sat me on th efloor and told me again to watch and learn as freda was called over to service S's man. When he was finished, Ll asked me if I was ready for my life to change, I looked at her and reconfirmed my willingness to continue for her. S' got up and made room for me next to Ll's guy and Ll took my hand and placed it in her guys' lap and closed my hand around his ****. The others gathered around the back of the couch, S had her camera and d was taking video as Ll instructed me to kneel on th efloor and remove his pants, she grabbed his **** through his jockey's and told me to "GO FOR IT" I took into my mouth and bit down gently and gnawed on it for a few, she pulled one leg of the shorts aside to allow his balls to drop out and I was instrucked to fondle them, I rolled the gently with my fingers and then I would give them a little squeeze, I woul dfeel them pump and sood I could taste him coming through his shorts. Ll pulled his wasteband out and told me to take it with my teeth and pull them down and to use my hands to pull the shorts down from the back. His **** sprung out, slapping my in the face, Ll took it with one hand and me by the head with the other hand and forced me down on it, then simply said, let's see what you have learned. I sucked him off, gagging a little, Ll would break in here & there and suck him a little to show me what I was doing wrong, then she would stroke him while I sucked on his head. On eof the girls, I'm not sure who it was, was calling fo rme to take a facial while the others were saying, no, let him take the first one in the mouth to make sure he doesn't drip. Ll continued to stroke him until he came in my mouth and coached me so as not to be sloppy and pushed my head all the way down when she was certain I wouldn't gag. I came up a little watery eyed but victorious. (to be cont"d)

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This story aroused me immensely

sounds like fun id enjoy that

There's a lot more of this going on than the occassional story. <br />
<br />
I was in a bar in Newport Beach, CA and sat down with 5 cute girls to have a few laughs and drinks. One of them was pretty ugly but I was talking to Wendy so it didn't matter. After some beers I suggested to Wendy that we leave and go someplace else. She said she the ugly one was her brother dressed in drag and was out on the town to see what would happen. Then they all chimed in laughing and joking. "Bobbie likes you"...they started saying through their laughter. Wendy said that if I'd let him go down on me she'd leave with me later and we could go "have some fun". DAMN...what cunundrum......let him blow me so I could **** her later.<br />
<br />
I told the group that I only let girls with lipstick on blow me. They all roared with nervous laughter and one whipped out her lipstick and started painting Bobbie's lips.....LOL Bobbie looked now like he was going to vomit. This was apparently what they had all been working on all day was getting him dressed up and take him out to do girlie stuff...like suck a ****!! The picture of him going down on some horny guy really turned them on.<br />
<br />
I didn't want to do it. I just wanted to take the very sexy Wendy out and **** her, not her brother for god's sake. Wendy started rubbing my leg letting her hand stray up into my no hardening crotch. She said, "see, you need to get off right now...let Bobby do it and I'll do it later"..LOL. I was truly dumfounded but I did shake my head yes and the girls all cheered.<br />
<br />
Bobbie and I got up and left for the parking lot. My car was already in a good location to get a private blow job so we got into the back seat. He was nervous as hell telling me he'd never done anything like that before. I was sort of turned on by the thought of sticking my hard, drooling **** into his mouth...for his very first time. I told him he had to swallow and he looked even greener....LOL.<br />
<br />
I slid in first with my legs spread and he got in next and just sat there. I put my hand on his head and pulled his face to my crotch. I had on baggy shorts so my erection didn't show but now I pulled my underwear to the side and let my stiff **** spring out. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him down on it. He gagged which only made me hotter!!<br />
<br />
What must he have been thinking with his head between the legs of a now very horny guy who wanted to enjoy *********** in his mouth...for the first time....YAHOO!!<br />
<br />
I had a full load for him and he was going to go all the way for me. I thrust into his mouth and he tried to pull away but I stopped him. I had him suck the head from which was flowing a steady stream of *****. He did lap it up so he was learning what was in store for him, only 10 times more. <br />
<br />
I finally shot my load into his mouth and had him hold it and slowly let it slip down his throat. He was green and on the verge of wretching but I made him do it. Finally it was down but he was still just on the edge of vomiting. We got out into the fresh air and went back inside where the girls were very excited and laughing. They inspected his lips and one of them even smelled his breath and pronounced the experiment a total "success" and Bobbie was now a *** ****....LOL Wendy, his own sister, put her hand on my leg and whispered in my ear...."lets go, lets get out of here and do OUR thing". That was one very hot night sexually. Wendy was so ******* turned on by the thought of her own brother blowing me. She wanted to know every detail of how he performed and she wanted to be made to perform, like the cute little girl should.

I should have a "friend' like her!

I think you went too far!!!--It's o.k. if you enjoyed.

Oh that was a hot story! You have great friends!