In The Arms Of A Friend

There is nothing better after a stressful day than being able to see someone you like, talk, play and be held.  I feel we both benefit so much from the friendship and attention not to mention the great sex.
   It is fun to experiment and try new things. Bring your knowledge to the relationship.    I know people say no strings attached but I just am not capable of keeping things that cold.  While I do not expect material things or marriage.  I expect caring and common courtesy.  I expect him to care of I am having a bad day.  Be excited if I am having something good happening as I am for him.  I can't sleep with someone repeatedly and have no feelings.  I care, I worry it is just who I am.  But I will say even if we quit having sex for whatever reason the friendship remains.
  I will be glad when I can have more time to enjoy myself.  I require much more loving than I can work in under the circumstances.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

I'm with you, snf. <br />
My FWB relationship helped restore my hope in finding someone with whom I can be sexually active AND hold a meaningful conversation. He is kind, thoughtful, and absolutely phenomenal sexually...I can try anything with him...we completely trust one another. We can talk for hours about anything, it feels so good just being around him. He is married, I soon will be single. We plan on enjoying each other as long as possible...until I'm ready to begin dating. It breaks my heart to see such a wonderful man choosing to stay in a cold, sexless marriage, but in the end, that's his choice. I will eventually need to find my own, permanent happiness.