Frustrated Gardener

I started getting into gardening after I met my wife - she is a keen gardener but has arthritis and therefore has to limit her gardening endeavors. to be honest I have little interest in growing plants, shrubs, trees etc. but I do LOVE growing my own veg. I have cleared a little bit of land in our back yard, dug the soil over and made a compost den but sadly our attempts at growing beans died. For some reason all but one of our bean plants died - although the one survivor strangely thrived and provided us with a decent crop - for one plant that is.
Part of the problem is that as a teacher I have very little time to dedicate to gardening. having said that I have failed my NQT year and cannot work as a teacher any longer - something I have little regret over except for he fact that I will be unemployed. I used to work in museum but thanks to the banks greed and the uselessness of our Tory govt. there are precious few jobs in that profession any more. I will soon have quite a lot of time to spend gardening - in between looking for jobs - and I am looking forward to it, hopefully we will have better luck this time around!
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Hi, things are going ok, I have quit teaching (thankfully) and am now looking for work and so hopefully something will turn up soon.
Sorry to hear you are confused and unsure of your life direction, its not an easy thing to grasp, especially for young people, i'm in my late 30's and still struggling - although the economic downturn has had a hand in that pulling the rug from beneath my feet when I was just getting settled.I think if i remain positive and try really hard - concentrating as I do so things will work out in the end, they usually do, thinking everything is pointless will make it so. i have been in bad situations before but with hard work and a bit of positivity things work out ok. Thanks for the support it is greatly appreciated and I truly hope you find your direction.
I have also dug over and put compost in my veg patch recently ready for the growing season in spring!

Hello. How are things going? Im basically a young person confused about what direction to take in life. not sure why im commenting but i guess i hope things turn out good for you!

p.s. i like gardeing too.