Gardening Is Relaxing But So Rewarding


I sit eagerly all winter for spring too arrive. The new sprouting's from your bulbs you planted the year prior, start showing

themselves as they slowly creep out of the soil. It always makes me feel good too stand on my deck and look at how pretty the yard

and flower beds look and watch the birds, squirrels, and other little animals from the woods busy about after a long hard winter.

This year I want too plant a flowering tree. Perhaps a flowering cherry, or dogwood tree. I currently have a japanese lace and a japanese

maple out there, that i planted along with other huge tree's that were here long before myself. I want too plant some hydranea bushs this

year as well, i have some though into either a white or pink one. They grow nice and thick and produce a beautiful big pom pom flower. Your

soil has a lot too do with how the color will be. If the soil isnt balanced correctly the color has been known too be skittish. If your into herbs

chives grow fast and produce big purple pom poms each spring and they also help repelling certain insects in your garden.

Does anyone know of a good gardening site? I want a compost drum with a handle on it too turn it. Any good suggestions? Green house's

have always been something i'd enjoy having, but room is an issue here.

 In closure too this, if your in a cold state, spring is almost here, and if you enjoy gardening, let the fun begin! {huge smile}



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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

YAY!!! I do too! It is relaxing to put your hands in growth... Hugs, livingwell