the first time I can remember getting a enema I was 8yo. I was in the hospital having my right testicle lowered as it did not descend on its own. The nurses had been coming in and doing various things to me. One came in and had a thermometer and a glass bottle with a tube on it. After sticking the thermometer in my rear and getting my temp she then took the sheet off the bed and pulled the gown above my waist. She told me that she needed to put the liquid in the bottle in my bottom but that it would not hurt just make me have to go to the bathroom. She spread some gel on her finger and pushed it in my hole she then took the tube and slowly pushed it into me. As she started the liquid going into me I felt funny but was enjoying the feeling of it going in. She then told me I needed to lay still for about 30 minutes or until I felt I could not hold it any more, but I should push the button when I needed to go so she could help me get to the toilet. when I pushed the button she came in and when I was on the pot I was surprised at how it all squirted out of me, I really enjoyed the feeling. The surgery went well and has given me some memories that I will share later
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You were still a little kid. Why did they not wait till you were at least 14?