What A Difference A Day Makes, Diy To Fantastic Evening

Following yesterdays bad start, and the need for some DIY, things got a whole lot better.

My girlfriend phoned to say she was, finally, leaving work and would require a full maid service. This involves bathing, massage and all the cooking done. I put dinner on and ran her bath. After bathing and massaging we ate and she then asked me about my day. I bit the bullet and told her about my DIY and waited for her reaction, she told me to go upstairs and prepare for a punishment.

After preparing myself she came into the room and ordered me to get the crop and a plug, I carried out her orders and put the crop and plug on the side. After waiting, for what appeared an age, I felt her lubricating me, the plug was then, roughly, inserted and I was told to stand up. She told me that because I had been so naughty and hopes I had of a good spanking were to be put right out my head.

She then informed me that I had not massaged her to her satisfaction and that I was to give her another one, I did as I was ordered and she then told me to take off my dress and to make love to her. If the plug fell out the lovemaking was to stop and that would be the end of the evening. I managed to keep the plug in and when I felt myself near to climax took my penis out of her and smothered her **** with my juices. I then cleaned her, with my tongue, until she had had numerous climaxes and was clean.

She then told me to remove the rest of my clothing, basque and stockings, but to leave the plug in. Sleep followed very quickly and I awoke refreshed and looking forward to a busy day.

After getting breakfast she told me I could remove the plug, suprisingly it had not fallen out during the night, but that as I had a very busy day with lots of travel, buses and trains, and meetings, including an important one this evening, I was to wear a basque, knickers and stockings under my clothing for the day.

I am now sitting waiting to go into my first meeting hoping that my top layer of clothing does not reveal my hidden secret.

If anything else happens I will keep you posted.
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

nice story, and for what I read , you have a wonderful girlfriend.