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it is the best thing.getting to know their hopes,dreams.and trying to helpthem face their is the most rewarding thing  you can do in your life.i do try to get to know as many people as i can.

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3 Responses Mar 28, 2009

that would be nice.

This is an interesting experience group. I am personally quite heavily introverted, with a side serving of social awkwardness to go along with it. That's not to say I dislike people by nature, though. <br />
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In actuality I would love to get to know everything about everyone, in a totally honest way without any defense mechanisms, any damaged egos, or anything else to get in the way. As long as I could share my own experiences to an equally receptive audience, of course.<br />
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However too often it seems like people are forced to wear masks just to survive in daily life, and it is even worse when some people begin to identify with their masks and don't realise they're doing it. In effect I am learning about a fake person, and in such cases I never feel quite comfortable enough to be my own self, either.<br />
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I don't always have the social confidence necessary to get through to some people, and it is painful in a way, because I wish everyone would be able to live without the need for pretense.

Actually, it feels pretty good, when you realize that you helped someone to do something, to achieve something he always wanted to.