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My Ladies

I have three female friends who roleplay with me and love to talk girl talk while we roleplay. It started when we were all studying cosmetology at a beauty school. We became friends and started helping each other out. During our time there, halloween occurred and everyone was allowed to dress up. They coaxed me into dressing as a maid for school that day. They each dressed as debutantes with fancy dresses. During the day, one of them jokingly told me to address her as My Lady. Then the other two started doing it. I suddenly became a maid to three ladies.

Afterwards they wanted to play some more and thought it a waste to just leave the maid uniform hanging in my closet. Out it came and they each went right into their role as ladies. They even had me practicing my curtsey. All of them share this fantasy of being a rich lady with a maid. It just evolved from there so then whenever one of them wanted my help with their hair, makeup, nails, or whatever, they insisted that I dress as a maid. The girl talk always followed while I was doing their hair or whatever preparing them for their date.

We still do it today even though each of them work at salons and are very capable. They each still love the fantasy of being a rich Diva with a maid. I find it fun and enjoy helping them look beautiful. They are all still single and have active social lives so keeping up with them keeps me busy at times. Oh, the stories they tell me!
eric2maid eric2maid 31-35, M 21 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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What fun -- I wish I had some girlfriends like that...

Sounds like you have a lot of fun. :)

lucky you,,, would love to marry one of htem and have to be their maid too like you and we could become BFF's and sister maids to them all too

i'd love to be a made for some women,, your a lucky guy.


I can only imagine the secrets you hold! I would love to play with you. How bout I'll be Sid and you be Nancy? lol.. I like your style!

Oh, you are so on board with me! lol

Let's roll darling ;)

lovely, I like!!!! Please add me?

My wife is a hair dresser and so is her best friend. They both work at the same salon. I get to go there and have my hair and nails done. I get to chat with all of the ladies. I go enfem so I get a lot of questions about my lifestyle. My wife does not mind me chatting with the girls. As long as I don't talk about our personal life such as sex.
Having so much fun,



Oh, I would go to cosmetology just to be a fill in maid, and of course trying to make it as wife to one of them!

I'm a diva!


PS: This sounds like a dream come true--you're totally blessed. So you're a hairdresser? That's awesome; I bet you're super talented at it! Dyyyiinngg to gossip with you.

Yes, I am. Anxious to hear your gossip.

Love it, nice story, and it's great that it is continuing

You really are fantastic! Right now, my mind is filled with Downton Abbey images :)

Oh my, we are so in sync with our thoughts. I posted a story about this past Halloween. The girls and I did a Downton Abbey Halloween party. The show is a great inspiration.

That sounds like an incredible amount of fun.

i'm sooo jealous

I hope you get taken care of too. Of course taking care of someone else is sometimes its own reward, just depends on your mind set.

Are you a good Maid and do what you are told at all times.

But of course, my Lady. *curtsy*


wow you could be my maid anytime

*curtsy* When do I start, my Lady?

What a wonderful life you are living!!
So lucky!

They should make you service them with your tongue!