Believe It Or Not

I enjoy girl talk. The difference is that I am a man and no, I am not at all effiminate or girly. Let me explain. Back when I was 19 or 20 I was in the military and working off duty at the officer's club as a bus boy/dishwasher. Besides the cook, all the rest of the staff was women. One of them, Toni, invited me to hang out with the girls when we were on break or when we got off from work. I really got along with all the waitresses so I accepted. Well after the first few times they would start talking about girl things and while it was sometimes embarassing, especially when they were talking about how dumb men were, I was fascinated by their different way of thinking about things. They talked about love, boyfriends, their kids, their periods and other medical issues and a lot about sex and men. I could never have imagined much of how they felt. Sometimes they playfully picked on me when they were man bashing but mostly I think I was their pet project. There was nothing sexual about our friendship so I guess they all viewed me as no particular threat. This whole time was strangely enlighteniing.

Since that time I have had some girl friends with whom I can talk and to whom I can listen and we are just friends. Most of them are surprised that I do have a little insight into their feelings. I by no means think that I understand women. Their minds are wired differently than those of men. However it is interesting to at least peek into their world from time to time.

tomt88101 tomt88101
56-60, M
Nov 19, 2009