How I Discovered The Hidden Heaven In My Sisters Buttocks

I am not entirely sure how many on this site like the idea of inccest but I think it is the most beautiful feeling in the world. My sister is 22 and right from the time she was 15 we have been indulging in sexual activity including oral sex, anal sex, vaginal penetration, sucking, etc. Oral sex especially anilingus is one sexual activity we have indulged in most of the time. That is because I had a huge fascination for her buttocks - which are large, round and clean... and to top it all she wears very cute cotton panties all the time which make her buttocks look so sexy. I generally love big buttocks in women.

It all happened one summer when we were in our farm house all alone and shared a bedroom during that month. I was at working out on a proposal on my work table when I saw my sister trying to reach out to a package lying on the loft. She was wearing a pink tight pyjama and short white but flimsy T-shirt. Her T shirt was so flimsy that I could clearly see her black lacy elastic bra underneath and could even see that it was on with only one hook. Some devil inside me made me stop my work and ogle at her. He large buttocks were standing out prominently in front of my eyes. I couldn't resist looking. They were giving me a hard on... I have never looked at my sister this way before. The more I looked the more I wanted to go over and embrace her from behind. As she leaned over further her t shirt slid up and her black lacy panties were showing through underneath.

I don't know what happened that moment, i just went closer to her and embraced her from behind. I wanted to push her on the sofa, and have anal sex with her, but was so scared that I later made another excuse and tried to carry her. I told her " Sweetheart I ve seen you struggling to reach that pack for so long, can I carry you so you can reach it?" She said "Yes, sure". My penis was already hard. I slowly put my hands around her, resting my hard cockstick on her pants at her backside. Contact with her buttocks made my penis even more harder that I pressed her butt tightly and started rubbing her large and well developed breasts from behind.... Initially she resisted but later she was loving it.... she was moaning in pleasure and wanted me to keep squeezing her breasts.. I already squirted and she her pants got wet behind. I didnt want to waste the opportunity that i pushed her to the sofa, made her lie showing her back and slowly pulled down her pants. She wore the most beautiful black panties I have ever seen. My wet juice had gone right up to her panties. I pulled her panties down and sucked her anus.. The pleasure was so much for both of us that we went on a whole day at it... It started at ten in the morning and we stopped only at 5 pm... By the time it was night we were already lying in the same bed and this time she let me not only suck her anus but also her clitoris and her nipples and all places else. From then only I am a big fan of her anus and suck them almost everyday, never ever getting bored. I love her.
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mmmm I would love to stik my tongue in BOTH of your ********..I love doing it. I had a GF who loved tongueing mine, we called it 96ing.... better than 69 ~smile~ so intimate and sensual