Love It

I love going down on my men. Firstly I pleasure them by playing and sucking their ***** and then I work my mouth and tongue on the balls and my tongue moves to the lovely hole. I love it when my men push their holes further onto my mouth. The taste and pleasure I get with my tongue so deep as possible in a hole is so much pleasure for me and for my men. I love my tongue in their holes as I stroke their ***** and when I feel them coming I get my reward by closing my lips over their pulsating ***** and swallowing every drop of *** . I then work my finger into the love hole and carry on sucking untill I feel their ***** harden again and then let my tongue do its magic up their delicious holes. I can carry on like this untill my men beg me to stop as they are totally spent. Yes, I am a cumslut and an anilingus ****.....

iamshemale iamshemale
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5 Responses Feb 23, 2010

One of my fav things to do to my man!

You describe it so well

I would love to be with you my sweet friend. I cannot think of any better time than to be with you. Such fun times we could have!

Wowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!<br />
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Ur quite an enthusiast...<br />
<br />

you sound so hot. reading your story makes my want to stroke. i love to make my anus bulge when i'm being rimmed. it looks like a pair of lips that can't wait to feel a wet tongue trying to get inside. if anyone wants, i'll send you pics.