First Time Analingus And Backdoor.

My wife and I have been married 18 years. I have on occasion licked her *** during oral sex, but she has always pushed me away.  we have tried anal sex a few times, but as soon as I get my head in her hole she quits.  This past Saturday she crawled into bed and grabbed my **** and swallowed it down her throat.  She hasn't given a blow job in almost 3 years.  She sucked on my **** and balls for about 15 minutes then swallowed the whole load deep down her throat.  I immediately flipped her on her stomach and slid my still hard **** in her *****.  I went down and began to eat her *****.  Taking my one hand and massaging her *******, which she did not reject to this time.  I took my other hand and placed two fingers on her gspot and began manipulating her, while I was eating her out.  she kept bucking against my fingers on her *** and I said what the hell and shoved my tongue in her *******.  I tongued and sucked on her ******* while playing with her gspot.  After about 10 minutes i started finger ******* her *** with 2 fingers and her ***** with 3 fingers while using my tongue all around the rim of her ***.  She all of a sudden exploded all over the bed.  She covered the bed in female juices, they were spraying all over me and the bed.  her *** was sucking and squeezing on my fingers.  I just about lost it.  When she was finished i licked her ***** and *** some more and leaned away for a minute.  she said where are you going and I said just admiring what I am looking at.  She said, Put your **** in my ***, I need it now.  I had already ate her *** out and rubbed her juices all over her ***.  I reached for some lube and she said I want your **** in my *** now and spread it open, she said **** the lube just stick it in.  I shoved my tongue in her *** once more while she spread it apart.  I spit in that tight never used hole then slid my **** in slowly so she wouldn't freak out or get hurt.  she started shoving back on my **** hard.  she had her fingers in her ***** and bucking up against my ****.  It only took about 2 minutes before I shot my second load up her ***.  as soon as she felt the **** and my ******.  She shoved backwards and buried it deep and came.  I followed up by eating her ***** and *** clean.  What a first time.  Hope it **** again.

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hot story

Great story, this is the reason we enjoy anal, and especially DP, so much.

That first time taking her *** is so hot and special. We just had our first time of me taking my girls virgin *** and it was amazing!