I do love both. So does my bf. he can go for hours just driving me crazy. Teasing. He holds my hips down while he eats me out and it's so sexy. I love sucking my bf. I suck him in until my nose is touching his stomach. His hands in my hair to keep me there. My throat is always sore after.
mamafy mamafy
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Do you ever have him *** right down the back of your throat or would you rather he **** in the front of your mouth where you can taste it?

Deep throat tho

Me, too. Getting feels so good, giving gets a wonderful reaction.


Nothing like a good ol' 69.

Mmmm sounds perfect!! Nothing more I'd enjoy more now than tongue ******* and sucking ur delicious sopping *****....teasing and pleasing ur sexy ****.....-)

That sounds like one hell of a blow job!!!

Deep mouth tho