People Take My Compliments the Wrong Way.

I think that compliments are 1 way to do a good deed & make someone happy. But why can't I say someone, including a baby, is cute-without people falsely accusing me of sexually wanting them?

They do this, just because I have a mental illness. All they know me is as "crazy" or schizophrenic because they're ignorant. I'm neither 1. I suffer OCD, anxiety, depression, & Tourette's, & I had 2 strokes @ age 5. So, people see me as slow & retarded because I'm different from everyone else.

I can't even touch my niece's hair without my twin sister making false allegations, saying I sexually touched her. WTF! & she & my other siblings give me a false bad reputation & make up lies that would destroy my life & have me put away forever. & they think those child molestation jokes are funny.

But they call me evil & selfish when I avoid them. They just want to make an *** out of me, & I'm tired of it.

Of course people think their own nieces & nephews are cute, but my family does this dirt to me because they hate me because I have a college degree, & they don't. They can't take that away from me, so they lie & try to ruin my life.

THEY'RE the schizophrenic ones with psychosis who drugs & drink! & the entire family follows 1 family member's delusions like it's a religion. When my schizophrenic mom lies on people, the whole family believes her & follows her delusions like a religion. & same with my twin sister & 1 of my brothers.

otad12 otad12
31-35, F
Mar 10, 2009