I Love Giving Head

I enjoy sucking **** a little too much. I usually start my kissing the head and running my tongue up and down the underside of a thick beautiful ****. I like running my lips up and down the shaft then work my way down to the balls which I suck into my mouth and gentle roll around inside my hot mouth. I will next move my tongue down and flick it across his hot sexy *******, gentle tongue ******* it. After several minutes of pleasuring his ******* it back to the ****.....I take the head into my mouth and slowly work my way down, deep throating it. I ignore any gagging reflex and take it as far as I possibly can. I love deep throating a big ****. Now I move my way up and start a slow rhythmic up and down motion with my mouth while at the same time using my hand on his ****. I keep this up until he is just about ready to explode. When he tells me he is about to ***, I take his **** out of my mouth and start ******* him off just an inch or two from my open mouth. I instruct him to watch as his *** shoots all over my face and into my mouth. I scrap every drop from my face into my mouth with his ****. After he has been drained of every drop of sweet *** we collapse into each others arms for a deep passionate kiss. Oh yea, I enjoy giving oral sex to guys!
peggingfan peggingfan
41-45, M
1 Response Aug 9, 2010

you sound very enthusiastic about it too. My wife is the same. She loves giving head.